Monday, February 21, 2011

Minutes Turn Into Hours Turn Into Days

Since my little O'l Photography Page gets a little lonely.  
I decided to share the latest ~A Picture a Day~ 365 Project post I just completed.  
Hold on to your hats, it's a whirlwind ride!  So if you have to point out you're being sarcastic... does that mean you failed at it?  Just wondering? : )

Jan 29
It was a night of crazy music. 
Or should that be?
A crazy night of music? 
Eldest's soccer team had a team bonding afternoon which resulted in three performances. 
The Beatles, Abba, and an Eighties Mash up.
The costumes were a highlight.
Unfortunately, I was forbidden from posting any pictures of the performers.

Jan 30
The hoar frost was so beautiful.  
The Agronomist kept telling me I should walk down to the the park at the end of our street to take some pictures.  And I kept telling him... YOU go take a picture.
Have you ever tried taking pictures in -30 celcius weather?
I suspect after two pictures... fingers freeze off.
But he kept mentioning how beautiful it was...
So instead, I ventured as far as my front window, and this was the result.

Jan 31
We did an impromptu craft, and hung our hearts from the dining room light fixture.  
We will make more next year. 
It was after this I decided we needed to buy some heart punches, and was happy to find several sizes at Michaels for 40% off!  
Yay me!
I am turning into a crafty gal.  

Feb 1
Youngest had been asking to make mini marshmallow buildings for a very long time.  
So I finally bought a big bag and away she went.  
No marshmallows were harmed in the making of this craft.  
They were however several missing after the project had been completed.
Youngest doesn't have any idea what might have happened.
Their whereabouts are still unknown.

Feb 2
I splurged and bought this fun print from this shop on Etsy. 
I'm not sure where I will be displaying it, but I kinda, really, like it.  

Feb 3
The Agronomist was gone for three days, so Grandma and Grandpa took pity on us. 
This is a shot of their nut bowl.  
I've never had a nut bowl. 
Am I nutty enough to handle it?
Maybe I'm nuttin without one?
Nut Bowl or No Nut Bowl?... that is the question.

Feb 4
I needed to write a post about some of my colourful CSN purchases.  
So this was it.  
It was the only photo I took on this day.

I hope you can handle this kind of craziness?
I'm sorry to have thrown this at you all at once.
I promise the weeks to come will be far less wild ; )
Did I mention Sarcasm may have to be pointed out once and awhile?

I love that these minutes turn into hours which turn into days.
Days...that I want to remember.

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  1. this was such a fun post! Loved all the pictures. keep them coming. I especially loved the snow covered tree one and am glad you ventured out to your window to get it. I totally understand that one, a while back I took one from our front porch! LOL

  2. I like being a picture taking freak too. And now I think it might be your site that I got the idea to turn the shorties loose with marshmallows and toothpicks.

  3. As always I am loving the pictures dear. :)

  4. nutty or not - sarcasm loaded or not - I ALWAYS love me some Dana photos ... hope the missing marshmallows turn up soon ;-)

  5. Hey fun pictures and Hoars - why else do we followers come to your blog!

  6. I love the pictures you post.

    I feel like I am in your house.

    My fave? the icy, frosted trees.

    Thank you for taking pictures, and being a photography site that feels reallife to me.

    I go to others, they're beautiful, but they just don't feel warm to me.

  7. Such a pretty smock/apron!

    I LOVE that ice-covered tree! What a cool photo.

  8. I love how you can take seemingly ordinary subjects and create beautiful, stunning images. As for photographing outside in the winter, I can totally relate. My hubby bought me a pair of those glove/mittens, or whatever they are called, for Christmas. The mitten ends open to reveal gloves with missing tips. Works perfectly for taking pictures in a cold Minnesota winter.

  9. I love your pictures!! Once again I fell of the 365 wagon ...At least I get to marvel at yours ;o)


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