Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sugar Saturation...Enough Is Enough!

It finally happened.
I rolled out of bed, and just kept right on rolling.
Into the bathroom and down the hallway.
It isn't a mode of travel I would recommend.

I was woken up,  in the middle of the night from pain,
searing pain.
My elbow was complaining.
I couldn't move my arm.
Then my knee started to get in on the act too.
I wondered what the heck was going on?

But then I realized I had no one to blame but myself.
It has been a few months coming.  It started during Halloween.
Continued into Christmas and reached a pinnacle of sugary heights this Valentine's Day.
I have reached Sugar Saturation.
And my body is starting to rebel.

So today was the day.
I've decided enough is enough.
I put away the sweets and decided to make a change.
As far as I am concerned, the white crystals may as well be called Sugar Meth. 
I am an addict and I've known it for awhile.

photo credit:  Middlest
Today is the first day of the rest of my sugar free life.
I'll let you know how it is going.
I'm expecting wonderful things.
Like being able to see my feet : )

OK, OK I can see my feet.  But I have to lean over just a bit.
Here's to No Leaning!  "clink" "clink"
And no more rolling down the hallway. (this too might be a slight exaggeration...)

Enough is enough.
Bring on the broccoli, I say, and the herbal tea!
I mean business.

This blogger is saying goodbye to her blogging butt!
And hello to Va va voom!  ( I figure it's been too long since The Agronomist saw a little Vavoom!)

Love you like water.... lots and lots of water!

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  1. Yep here too. Been working on the sugarless thing since the first of the year. Have to say though it is not an easy task and I have fallen a few times.

  2. I did great with this in January. February has not been kind.

  3. I'm a diabetic and from just looking at your photos my glucose rose....
    I LOVE IT!

  4. I too jumped aboard the no sugar wagon as a New Year's Resolution. I've been good about it. Not slavish--like I eat bread and stuff that has sugar in it, just no treats of any kind.
    Be careful. I've recently fallen into replacing the sugars with simple carbs. And that has been almost as bad.
    Good luck. I'm with ya in spirit and in sugarless agony.

  5. I feel your pain, after losing 80 pounds in 2009, I've put 40 back on. After the new year, I started on a low-carb plan and have lost 10. It really helped me break the sugar addiction which I really needed. Good luck - looking forward to reading about how it's going!

    JoAnn @ Stitches and Thyme

  6. Good luck! I'm trying to do the same thing, and I have a great week or two and then a bad day that undoes much of the good I've done.

    I really need to get serious about it.


  7. Sugar is like a drug. When you're eating a lot of need more and more.
    Good luck can do it!

  8. You can do it Dana! Say hello to fruits and veggies! hehe

  9. sugar is my meth, too, dana ... i've tried and failed so many times to kick it - now i see it trending in that direction for my girls, too ... all 3 of us could use an intervention but then the problem is HOW to proceed from there ... i'll be watching you, friend ...

  10. Oh now this is a journey I need to watch!
    Can't wait to see all of your I can copy!
    Have a happy sugarless day!

  11. I did the same thing. Thank goodness St.Pat's doesn't have candy related to it.

  12. I'm not giving up sugar but I am stepping up the exercising. This has been a fall and winter of pure sloth. My weight is fine but it's all sagging. Gah!

    Good luck on your journey towards freedom.

  13. "awesome!" she said after downing four pieces of choclate from the hershey's pot of gold sitting on her desk....

  14. I managed to stay away from everything sweet except for a little dark chocolate--and I do mean a little! I felt myself giving in way too often so I gave it all away!!

  15. Are you going to any substitutes? Honey? Agave?Stevia....good luck! I've been mostly off sugar for a while and I feel a lot better, snarkier but better!

  16. But cake is OK, right?


  17. I have had an indulgent winter

  18. Oooh, those goodies look so good! But then again, that orange looks absolutely delicious! And I think sugar is one of the most highly addicting things in the world. And we (mostly) are all addicted! Good for you for putting the sweets away and good luck on getting your Va Va Va Voom back!

  19. You are a much stronger woman that I am. Though, I may join you because I don't just roll...I bounce....and then jiggle. Ahem, sorry. Let's do this thing!

  20. But there were some "good" sugars in there! I saw strawberry and oranges.

  21. oh i hear ya, and im on the same path ... the only sugars are those from fresh fruit ... that white stuff and my love for baking are under lock and key ... good luck with your journey!!!

  22. Oh......good luck!
    You can do me on the other hand. I cave at the sight of chocolate!
    Happy sugar free weekend!

  23. tsk tsk . There are other sweeteners baby :) and they are good for you . I use Agave nectar, and maple syrup and sugartwin liquid sweetener . I think I just found my alphabe thursday post *ugh

  24. Ouch! Sounds like horrible symptoms. I wonder if chocolate saturation has the same effects because I'm sure I'm quickly coming to that point.

  25. Oh Dana. You are an absolute joy.

    This whole post made me smile!

    Sugar is so should come with rehab clinics I think.

    I know you'll succeed in beating back the sugar demons and turning into all kinds of vavoom!

    Thanks for the smile and the super link to Alphabe-Thursday's Sugar-free letter "S".


  26. ooo....oooo... but your photos are so alluring!
    Try to enjoy the natural sugar in broccoli and carrots.
    Seriously though, wishing you success!

  27. sugar satisfaction indeed,
    sweet treat for the day.
    you rock.


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