Friday, March 11, 2011

Blogging Vacation

Without meaning to, it seems I've taken a bit of a blogging vacation.
Life has gotten really hectic.

But just when I feel like life is really spiraling out of control...
I warm myself up some milk, and add two pumps of this.
It's my very own little Starbuck's moment here at home.

I even get out my little frother and do it up right.
Life is all about the special details don't you think?

On Shrove Tuesday we had a great supper of Pancakes.
It's just been one of those weeks.
Tuesday was a meeting for 1st communion for Youngest.
Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and we went to Mass.
Thursday was an appointment to have our family pictures for the Parish directory.
And tonight Eldest has a exhibition game for soccer to help prepare for Provincials.

Busy, busy, busy.
Wiser ones that have gone before us always said this would happen, and they were right.

As part of our Lenten preparation we want to try and spend more time together as a family.
Surprisingly this puzzle is pulled out as an alternative to the computer or TV.
It's a good one, with great retro photo's from The Saturday Evening Post.
It is the perfect time for conversations you wouldn't normally have.
I don't think they realize they are doing it because they are concentrating on the puzzle pieces.
heh heh.

I'm hoping it will slow down a bit soon.
This weekend The Agronomist is working at a trade show.
And he will be doing so again next weekend.

I, on the other hand will be on an 11 hour bus ride with Eldest.
We will be driving across the province for soccer provincials.
Did I mention we would be in a bus?
Oi Vey!
But I'm sure she appreciates it.
She b.e.t.t.e.r. appreciate it.
E.l.e.v.e.n. hour bus ride.
Did I also mention it would be the same distance there and back?
I get tired just thinking about it.
Plus lately, just in general, I'm tired.
I thought going off sugar and staying away from bread would help me in that department?
It makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong?
I can fall into bed at nine o'clock every night now, without a second thought.
Before... midnight, no problem.
I took a picture of this salad at a White Spot in the Vancouver airport.
It was sooo good.  Edamame and almonds.
I want to try and recreate it.
Hopefully I will get my energy back soon and feel like all this healthful eating is making a difference for the better.

My respects to all those women who work outside of the home.
I'm only working five hours a day and only mornings if the kids are home from school.
It makes me realize how much I actually accomplished while everyone was at school.
There is absolutely no down time when errands, laundry, groceries, and kids appointments all happen between the hours of 3 and 6.

All of you who have been doing this from day one.
My hat goes off to you!
Go get yourself a bottle of Vanilla syrup.
You deserve it!
And a Frother.
You deserve one of those too.
It brings the vanilla syrup experience to a whole new level... trust me.


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  1. Wow at least you made it for ash wednesday , which is more than I can say for myself :/

    Me <---------bad

  2. oh dana do i ever hear you loud and clear on this - my week last week was totally overscheduled and it made me crazy. i think i blew a fuse b/c this week i've entered a state of total freak-out. need. decompression. stat.

  3. I love the high fives. My nephew at two used to stick his little hand up in the air and yell "HIVE!", which always made me laugh out loud.

    Good to see you around - I always assume I've been the flake and not checking in with people, but I'm glad you took a break if you needed it.

    You are my kinda blogger. :)

  4. Oh I have given up Starbucks and coffee for a 21 day fast at church - not a wise decision :(( just sayin'
    Happy trails on the bus - aghh!

  5. the vanilla syrup reminded me of nikki :) a little drippy drip of vanilla syrup in her latte :) oh many that would be a rough 11 hours. do you have an iPod you can listen to music or any podcasts?

  6. Cheers to your blog vacay!
    Love your new DO!
    Love the sound of that vanilla syrup! I may have to get some along with the frother.
    But that bus ride Dana, I don't even want to talk about it. On the bright side...You'll be in good company.

  7. I hat goes off too.
    Great job soccer Mom...11 hours there and back. Hope it goes well.
    I am home this weekend with the boys while David is off with Em for another volleyball tourney..only 3 hours away.

  8. Have you tried adding making a london fog with your fine syrup?? 1/3 of your mug of frothy milk, boiling water and a tea bag: caramel rooibos, blueberry or (decaf) earl grey. And don't forget the pumps of syrup! Hope you have more energy soon! 11 hours.....oh my!!! Good luck!

  9. I really admire how you keep your family your first priority. I think I had a recipe for that salad somewhere. The vinaigrette was the tricky part of getting the taste right if I remember.

    Have a sweet weekend.

    And don't forget to exhale a lot while you're drinking your scrumptious concoction there!

  10. I think you're right. I need a frother. AND vanilla syrup.

    Maybe some almond, too.


  11. I love that picture with Eldest in the background! She is gearing up for that bus ride for sure. 11 hours on a bus sounds like my personal idea of hell, so good luck to you on that.

    On the energy note, I gave up gluten months ago and have drastically reduced my sugar intake and it has made an incredible difference in my energy levels. Check out not only does she serve tasty gluten free recipes but she is an AMAZING food photographer!

  12. My children always loved "'nilla milk," and I drink some occasionally when I can't sleep!

  13. have fun,

    love the image of your dish, smiles.

  14. I can't wait until my kids are old enough for a little jigsaw induced family conversation time. Currently we are at the 36 piece cartoon character level of puzzle and all conversations end in a 3 year old argument - "Mine..." "No mine!" The other day I caught them arguing over whether or not I was a doughnut...turns out one of them was saying "grown up". :-) I might just trade you for that bus ride. Maybe.


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