Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tammy Faye Baker Syndrome

New Haircut
Photo Cred~ Eldest~
(and oh yeah baby, you bet I softened a few lines before this HUGE photo of me hit the presses...
no need to frighten my poor readers.)

So this is how things roll with me here at Bungalow'56,
And as a general rule, procrastination is always a part of the ride.

I was preparing everything I needed for my BlueLily photography workshop.
You know... checking to see if I had my passport... and important stuff like that : )

And every time I walked by the mirror, or tried to fix my hair I found it a little long,and wasn't completely happy.

I told myself, Yes it would be nice to get my hair cut before I left, but there isn't enough time, and it looks fine.

As Thursday drew nearer and nearer I started to really regret not getting it cut.
I had tried my hair dresser the weekend before and she of course was booked up.

So finally on Wednesday at noon, I called the salon to see if anyone could help me.
I was desperate.
One of the stylists did have an opening at 5 pm, and yes I could come in.

So at 6 pm, 14 hours before my departure I got this shorter, younger? spiffy new cut.

It only took me 18 years to get rid of the long curls and now I can't go two months without sashaying into the Beauty Salon?

And here I thought, I was always a low maintenance gal. 

It seems that it just took one hair cut, for my inner Diva to appear.
And I'm OK with that.

But I ask you quite seriously,
when I start writing about acrylic nails and false eyelashes, please, please reach across the blogosphere and bring me to my senses.

I know I can count on all of you to keep me in line : )
Because really?  
Without our girlfriends... we are only a few steps away from,

our. very. own.

Tammy Faye Baker Syndrome.

It's a slippery slope I tell you.


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  1. That hair is SOOO good. I'm soo jealous. Really jealous.
    And I vow to take you down if it starts getting out of control.

  2. Lookin fabulous girl. Sometimes we just need to do it.

  3. I am not seeing the Tammy Faye Baker in you. Just a mom who now has a little time to spend on herself.

  4. But it's sooooooo lovely!

    Worth the upkeep. Totally.

  5. Oh boy - when I read your title I immediately checked your eyebrows! Do NOT go Tammy Baker and do the drawn on eyebrows ok??

  6. It looks great! And if you feel better with it short then it's worth the upkeep!

  7. As long as it's just your hair, I think you're safe from the Tammy Faye Baker thing.

    But you'd better watch the mascara, for sure!


  8. Short and sassy! I think short hair is so stylish...looks great Dana!

  9. I was secretly admiring your hair the whole weekend in SD and wishing mine looked half as good!

    But yes, please. Stay away from acrylic nails or that new fangled shellac that Pioneer Woman just test drove a couple weeks ago.

  10. i love the new cut! and all of that gorgeous teal! it is your color!! hugs, cathy

  11. Such a cute new you! Love it!

    So funny...we live right down the street from where Tammy Faye lived. We used to see her in Stein Mart and Diary Queen etc...always felt so sad for her for some reason. My good friend was her neighbor and mentioned how sweet a person she really was. Wonder if anyone ever said please just stop trying so hard.

  12. can't even believe all the drama you've been thru these past couple of weeks - love that you're back at home safe and sound and that welcome sign they made is the BEST!

    As for the Tammy Faye thing ... definitely not predicting that path for you, girl ... but I do love love love that haircut ;-)

  13. I think you're safe since you're pretty much the polar opposite of Tammy Faye! ;)

    WW: Peanut-Nut

  14. You look hot, girl! I wish I had the guts to grow my hair out to that cut! And I promise as soon as I see tarantula eyelashes on ya I will drive right up to where ya are and have a talk with ya! :vD

  15. I LOVE IT!! In that pose? You look like your avatar now.


    And all feels right with my world.

  16. I'm right there with you! After years of never coloring or highlighting my hair, I've done it twice in the past year. And of course, I said "blonder!" Glad you're home safely. What a story! Every time my mom and dad travel, she loses her boarding pass. Lord only knows what would happen if she went "international!"

  17. You look great.
    When I fall to fake nails I am always snapped back to reality the first time I have to wait over an hour in the salon to have them refilled.
    (Also diaper rash cream under them is NOT as good as a french manicure.)

  18. I love it! Gorgeous.

  19. This is a secret: I have a set of false eyelashes. I wore them once and successfully glued my right eye shut. I share this secret with you because I love you and want to do my part to keep you from slipping. :)

  20. There's no way we'd ever let you get all Tammy Faye on us!

  21. P.S. How did you get those cool clickable links under your header. Please do tell.

  22. You'll never hear it from me. I plan on getting my eyelashes tinted and permed next weekend!

  23. it TOTALLY suits you!!! I love it!!!

  24. You look ready for spring. Great cut!

  25. And I thought I was going to get to see you with 2 wands of mascara on AND 8 inch fake lashes. I'm thinking the hair is really cute but I do feel a little bit robbed, though, just getting to see this gorgeous picture of lovely you.



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