Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Use Fedex!

Dear UPS,

I am so glad that you were able to offer one day air service,
especially in a situation where a mom needed your services, to be able to get back to her children.

Of course it required a second mortgage to purchase your guarantee,               
but the promise of a speedy delivery was so worth it.

Now,  this Canadian understands when terrible weather can delay things.
This was not your fault. 

While terribly disappointed, I realized one more day of waiting would just be in the cards.
But UPS I have a little question as I sit here looking at my tracking screen?

When a package destined for San Diego, is finally put on a plane, explain to me how you make your decisions....logistically speaking? 
I want to know from the experts in case I ever need to get somewhere really quickly.

And I have to say, I was a little confused by their reply.

You see my friends, as I woke up this morning, all packed, waiting for my birth certificate to arrive so that I could begin my trek back to Canadian soil.

I read this text from The Agronomist.

"U R not going to like where your package is."

"What? Where is it?"

Kentucky in a warehouse, waiting for custom's clearance.


Calgary is West, San Diego is West....hmmmm?  Kentucky not so much.
And yes I called... there are custom's warehouses on the West Coast.

So as I sit here in my hotel room in Oceanside, advice to all my readers is...

Use Fedex!


If you are not aware of my predicament as a Canadian Fugitive read here and here.
Tomorrow I will share with you how an American Angel came to my rescue for a lovely afternoon.
PS she also took that awesome picture above.

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  1. I'm so sorry you're stranded. That can't be a nice feeling. Losing my passport is probably one of my top traveling anxieties. Hope UPS comes through for you soon. Sadly, my experiences with Fedex would say they probably aren't any better.

  2. oh Dana - what a disaster! I can not believe they sent your package to Kentucky. What the heck? Hang in there - hopefully you will be home soon.

  3. Kentucky??????? Wow..... glad everything worked out for you in the end though! Yay Fedex!

  4. You poor girl! But, your picture is awesome! :)

  5. Oh my goodness! And here I was dropping in this morning expecting to see you back home and happy in the snow.

    OK - treat it as a nice holiday and try not to stress (too much)

    Big hugs!!

  6. I am SO SORRY you are still waiting for your birth certificate! That really is crazy!!!!

    unfortunately it is something we have to come to know and understand ALL too well! You see we lived in Alaska for close to 5 years... Every single time we got a package or even a letter it went to Anchorage (300 miles south of us) then drove past our house to Fairbanks (65 miles north of us) only to have it put on another truck and drive 65 miles down to us... And this was a DAILY occurrence.. Flying was even worse... my mother flew up to visit. She lives in Louisiana... (middle of the nation) she flew to Atlanta, Georgia to Salt Lake City, Utah, to Fairbanks, Alaska....

  7. I am in no way defending UPS. However, brads dad flew for them, and their biggest warehouse is in KY. Wish I could come hang with youo

  8. I cannot even imagine how eager you are to get home.
    I'm so sorry that you're going through this!
    Sending positive thoughts your way...

  9. Who woulda thunk? No good photography class goes unpunished, is that what they say?

    The photo is lovely, though!

  10. I wish there were a way I could wave my magic wand and place you back in the loving arms of your family.

    Love that pic! Perfect shot for this not so perfect story.

  11. Oh man! That totally stinks! In a big skunky roadkill way. UPS...should be OOPS!

  12. Aargh! I'm frustrated for you. I hope they're going to reimburse you somehow.

  13. Ummmmm.....LOVE that shot....very artistic! But seriously....KENTUCKY????? WHAT???!!!!!!

  14. You are doing fab things with all you learned while there ;)
    I got stuck in Canada once - for 11 days ...
    they thought I was my now husbands kept woman (now there is a blogpost!)

  15. Not good. Not good at all. I am so sorry about you being stranded. And tell your friend that is one fantastic photo!

  16. Kentucky is a beautiful state, but I don't understand why your mail had to stop for a visit.

  17. Ah the untimely horrors of the UPS. Could be a movie.~Ames

  18. So sorry for your delay. Hope you make it home!

  19. I am so sorry. I wish I could have shipped you to my house!

  20. Oh hon, we just like you so much that we want to keep you here forever. Really, call it love.

  21. What a mess! It's tough going back and forth, isn't it? We have a lot of friends who live here over the winter, and then go back to Canada for the spring and summer. Hope you get home safely!!

  22. Hi Dana , I hope everything turns out . I use UPS for my local printing needs .

  23. OMG! What a pain in the ---! Hang in there!!

  24. Hope you get back home soon! what a pain to loose your passport ...

  25. What a mess!!!! If you were on the east coast I'd come pick you up for a visit!
    Maybe Fedex could just fly you home!

  26. ACK!!

    And is it really horrible of me in all this mess to be disappointed that you weren't stranded in NORTHERN California?

  27. I'm not sorry you're stranded.

    I think this is going to work out perfectly.

  28. Oh how awful! I hope everything works out okay!

  29. I am so sorry! How horribly frustrating!!!

  30. What a dilemma. So sorry for your problems. My hubby is a retired mailman and he said he wasn't sure they could have done any better.

  31. I agree..I send probably five or six fed-x packages a day as part of my "day job" and the few times I've tried UPS, they have usually let me down....

    So sorry you're stranded.....

  32. UNBELIEVABLY UGLY situation! Love the mailboxes though. Good luck with it all....

  33. I hate to tell you, but FedEx works the same. Everything is routed through Memphis just like everything is routed through Kentucky with UPS.

    Good luck getting back!

  34. Dana, I've been reading your mishaps with this trip.

    I'm so sorry. I hope you are now home safe and sound and being doted on and loved by your family.


    I have to tell you...

    Fedex screws up, too!

    Sorry to break that bad news to you!

    Thanks for the link although I'm feeling so badly for you right now that an A+ seems like a pretty pathetic reward.

  35. sad, be positive and encouraging to them, kind words help.
    good luck.

  36. How frustrating! Hope it all worked out...?


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