Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Because I Needed A New Addiction

I'm sorry,
I've been a little distracted lately.

I'm distracted...
I'm afraid I needed to replace sugar with a new addiction.
It's called...

I feel a little like Alice In Wonderland.
I can get so easily lost there.

You've never heard of Pinterest?

It is a wonderful, virtual, pinboard community.
And I've created my very own "Pinteresting" Bungalow'56 site.

I've started pinning up ideas about photography to help with future shoots.
And I've included many boards on decor to help with our upcoming basement redo.

In fact, anything that I've found that interests me on the internet,
can be pinned to one of my many boards.
I just click on my "Pin It" tab at the top of the screen and voila, it asks me what board I would like to place the image and it's source on.
Isn't that incredible?

What is so wonderful, is that I can look at what other people have added to their boards
and repin the idea or photo to my board!

Can you see how this can be a little dangerous?

                    Source: via Bungalow'56 on Pinterest
So far I have collected some really cool examples of home blackboards.

I'm hoping to finally get up the nerve to create a large one in our home.

I also have a soft spot for words.

All sorts of words.

So I've got a board with a collection of cool prints and quotes.
And I'm just thrilled with it.

See what I mean?
I've just started.
And I am already addicted.

Of course though, it would be so much more fun if you were to
come join me.

Because I know for a fact... that you would all be "pinning" the most amazing things!

See you down the rabbit hole : )


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  1. These are fantastic! I just love great photography. (types the lady who takes all her pics with her cell phone - lol!) I can definitely see the fun and the attraction.

  2. Love the pictures of the blackboards and their words..especially the one in yellow (House Rules) visiting from Alpha Thurs.

  3. Another friend recommended this a while ago, and I am too scared to go there - last thing I need is a new addiction! Please tell me that it is not hard to do???

  4. well, thanks for the addiction - may as well have given me heroin ;-) LOVE all of these "pins" you posted here, especially the last four with the words ... yup, heroin i tell you - thanks a whole lot, dana ... going to check it out - as in ... right. now.

  5. Ok, I could get adicted....

  6. I can easily lose 5 hours a day down that rabbit hole. Love your style sweet lady.

  7. I love the boards! I wish I had a place to put one.

  8. Now I'm going to have to go check them out. I also have a soft spot for words. Love these! Thanks for sharing.

  9. ok, so I went over to pinterest and you need to request an invitation to join, which I did ... but their reply email says I'm now on a "wait list" - "we'll be sure to send you an invite soon"?? wth?? I feel like the last loser on the playground to get picked to play :(

  10. Oh, I"d so like to try it, but me?

    I'd never figure it out.

  11. i'm addicted right along with you! i will follow you :)

  12. I like it, though it sounds very addicting.

    have a sweet day.

  13. I'll have to check it out! I can always use a little more addiction in my

  14. I absolute love PInterest and have had an account since close to the beginning. That said I keep it to a minimum due to the addiction factor! It seems that most of the stuff I pin are ideas decor ideas for the addition and kitchen and food.... love the recipes we have tried out so far!

    Have fun pinning! (you know I never thought to have anyone follow me.. haha!)

  15. Boy, this is right up my alley. I love words, too! I especially love the ones on the wall adjacent to that staircase. What a great thing to have in a home!!

    I'm going to check your collection out.


  16. Oh wow. Fab post and I LOVE that photo with the umbrella!

  17. How fun. I have never heard of this. It will be the new

  18. I have heard lots about this...but I also am trying to keep myself from finding anything else to become addicted too...although your post is quite persuasive. I need someone to persuade me to get up and go to the gym!!!!
    I'm sure I'll be checking out pinterest soon!

  19. These are great! I will have to check it out for sure. I really loved the "Be Yourself" quote in the words section; I posted it to my FB right away :)

  20. I love some of these quotes. I'm actually afraid to go out to that site. I got so sucked into Etsy so quickly that it was frightening - ha!

    And don't even get me started on when I first discovered E-bay years ago (Vintage Fisher Price anyone?)

    I'm glad you found a distraction you love.

    I'm glad you linked up this week.

    You always make me smile.


  21. I love PInterest too! I should stay on it longer, maybe it will help me with my sugar addiction:)

  22. Pinterest rocks! It's a much better addiction than some other things I could name!

  23. I love how you are avoiding the real issue is it going without sugar? Are we talking like ZERO sugar? Like nothing that has sugar in it? (even milk?) Seriously we need to talk about this...I want to quit the sauce but I am afraid I just don't have the strength...tell us more! How did you do it? Do you have withdrawal?


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