Monday, April 25, 2011

Special Moments

This past Easter weekend is one I do not want to forget.
Friday started off extra special, as the girls allowed The Agronomist and I to sleep in.

When I woke up Middlest and Youngest were both busy creating Easter cards they had found on the Martha Stewart website.

It was so quiet and they were so intent on creating.
I didn't want to forget how special this moment felt.

One of our Good Friday traditions is to attend the afternoon service and then enjoy freshly baked Hot Cross buns afterward.

Over the last year and a half Eldest has started to become a seasoned bread maker.
So she found a popular recipe with lots of stars on
Dried cherries and cranberries were ingredients.  
They were a definite hit, especially when
we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's to share them after mass.
There is nothing Grandpa likes better than a fresh bun with lots of butter.

It was a quiet reverent day.
Very peaceful.
We ended it by having a family movie night.
Youngest and I cuddled upstairs on the couch and watched our movie on the computer
While Dad and the other two watched the last Harry Potter movie.

Youngest and I thoroughly enjoyed "Secretariat."
It was a wonderful movie.
But the best part about it was the time spent with Youngest.
Just her and I.
Lot's of impromptu "I Love You's" and "Isn't this a good movie" were sent my way.
I didn't want to forget how special these moments felt.

 I think possibly the best part about Good Friday Hot Cross buns....

 is the fact that Eldest makes enough so that we can enjoy them again Saturday morning.

The sun was streaming in and the tulips just added that extra colour to help remind us of the task at hand.

Easter Saturday was spent colouring Easter eggs.
Actually we let the girls figure it out on their own, while the Agronomist and I went for a drive : )
While planning a basement development we decided to drive around to see what other options we might have.
I am happy to report we arrived back home...

to some beautifully coloured eggs,
and a new appreciation for our home and our yard and our neighbourhood.

Before we knew it Easter morning had arrived, and as is our Bungalow'56 custom,
the girls checked to see if the Easter Bunny had been kind enough to pay a visit during the night.

It was a little chilly in our Easter best,
but it was well worth it.
I know these years will pass by quickly; Eldest is still a good sport,
and I wanted to remember the shh's (by me) and the squeels (by them) 
as they called to each other when more eggs were found.
I didn't want to forget how special these moments felt.

After a wonderful Easter mass, with many Alleluias,
it was time to enjoy Grandma and Grandpa's special brunch.

While there were wonderful treats for the girls,

Grandma made sure I had many treats to enjoy too!

With full tummies we started on our way to The Agronomist's family, at the farm,

where we get to spend special time with cousins and aunts and uncles.

Grand-maman and Grand-papa's home is always a place we can relax and visit.
It is a place where family memories are made.

We enjoyed yet another amazing meal, and with an exciting Stanley Cup hockey game under our belts we made the drive back home.

Today as I looked through my photos, I was happy,
because I knew I wouldn't forget 
how special every single moment had been.


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  1. Dana! These were just amazing photo's. Could not choose a favorite.

    Looks like a grand time for you all.

    So many special memories...

  2. What a beautiful day you had! Luuuuuved the last pic with the blurred edges...wonderful effect!

  3. Looks like a great time! Glad you enjoyed yourself and your family.

  4. Ahhh...the brunch, the eggs, the tulips, the hot cross buns...and the Sunday best! Looks wonderful!

  5. Looks like a great time. Your girls seem very precious.
    I am certainly jealous of those eggs. After my boys get through coloring it seems like all the eggs are brown, or camo - so are the boys!

  6. Thanks for sharing your Easter moments. You captured it beautifully.

  7. Wow Dana! Looks truly wonderful. I was just saying this weekend that my favorite Easter memory as a child was searching on the farm for our Easter baskets. The hiding spots were endless..
    Glad you savoured it all!

  8. Everything about your Easter speaks to faith, family, love and traditions.

    Your words and photos captured the moments beautifully.

  9. Oh I adore that last picture. Glad we aren't the only ones in coats over our Easter dresses. ;)
    Love you.

  10. What lovely traditions you have... your photos are amazing (as always), and really capture the meaning of Easter. :)

  11. What a good life you live!

    And how cool is it that your daughter bakes those hot cross buns? And your mom has the most beautiful fruit plate ever?

    Glad your Easter was such a happy one...


  12. I love the eggs! Those are some serious eggs, alot of effort went into them, they're gorgeous. And mmmm buns. Your fruit pic made my mouth water a little too. Great photos!

  13. That last shot is just it!

  14. THAT is a glorious table.

    I am stealing 2 ideas:

    the individual placemats as a table runner and the sep bowl for blueberries.

  15. THose hot cross buns look so yummy. What a wonderful day!! I love Easter!! Thanks for sharing yours!

  16. These pics are wonderful - it truly does look like a "best easter ever" ... the hot cross buns, the tulips, the eggs, the early morning hunt, the alleluias (wahoooo!), the beautiful banquet of food, the family time (esp secretariat with youngest) - all of it = total bliss! Happy Easter to you, Dana!


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