Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let God Do The Rocking

My baby.
She is growing up too fast.

She is my worrier.
She likes to sit in that rocking chair of concern and rock back and forth, back and forth.

Even as an infant, her eyes would ask me questions 
she didn't yet have the words to form.

And I understood.
I still do.

It is I, who passed along this gift.
This box wrapped up in fear.
Wrapped in layer and layer of 
what if I don't like it?
what if I'm not ready?
what if I get hurt?
I want to take this box of worry away, but I cannot.

I can only sit beside her,
and be there when she rips off each layer of fear.

I want to be there when she finally opens it up,
with all of the "what if" layers laying at her feet.

I want to see her eyes when she understands that the gift inside her worry box is...
the unknown, 
with all of it's wonderful possibilities.

With nightly prayers and daily hugs we are slowly unwrapping the box.
She is learning to sit quietly in her chair....

and let God do the rocking for her.


This week Jenny Matlock is hosting a Alphabet Soup week.  
I wasn't going to participate, but it felt as though I wasn't going home for Sunday dinner.  
So this post with the letter~L~ is my Alphabe Thursday contribution!

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  1. oh my. she is beautiful. too beautiful to worry. but the life of a mother is laden with hurts that we can not always remove. beautiful- photos and words.

  2. Dana, you have such beautiful girls! You are truly blessed:)

  3. This is such a beautiful post - words and photos.

  4. So beautifully written, with beautiful photos of your beautiful girl.

  5. My oldest and I often refer to how I cloned myself in her. What's wonderful is that she gets to learn much sooner than I did how to recognize and handle the more difficult parts of us. And because your her mom, your girl does too. =)

    Beautiful photos and heart.

  6. Dana,
    Wow. this is beautifully written. I love it. She has the most amazing eyes...
    You my dear have a lovely way of writing.

  7. Wow! I too need to peel back the layers that my little Kyla has hidden. Love the analogy!

  8. Stunning photos and wonderful words!

  9. beautiful. thank you for reminding us.

  10. She's beautiful. Your words are full of beauty, too. She reminds me of my oldest who would (and still does) stare off at a spot on the ceiling while thinking, processing, wondering, pondering. I think she got it from me, too.

  11. Oh! I want this for JDaniel too. I so want to see him see all the He is.

  12. Great thing to learn at such a young age...too many people have these fears and no one ever recognizes it for what it is. Her eyes do say so much. She is just beautiful!

  13. Dana, your daughters are stunning...

    And I love your words...the gift of the unknown...

  14. Usually it's your photos. Today it's your words. Beautifully said, friend.

  15. She's so beautiful Dana and I love all the pix you shared. Love that pretty flower in her hair, her beautiful eyes and her special smile. This makes me want to reach out across the miles and give her a warm hug. God's doing it for me and my wish for her is to continue to grow in God's love.

    What a special post that I can learn from too.

    Blessings - Debbie

  16. Let God do the rocking...what a succinct, visual way of sharing an important message. Thank you. Well said. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Words and images.

  17. Beautiful portraits!! Love that last one...precious.

  18. Lovely girl.

    Lovely post.



  19. Oh she is so beautiful. xoxo

  20. This just made me cry. The word image is just beautiful. As is your lovely youngest.

  21. What a beautiful young lady. My oldest is like that- brings a lot of adult worries on his shoulders- I have to keep reminding him that his father & I will handle it.

  22. Beautiful post, beautiful poem, and beautiful daughter! My oldest is also the quiet, pensive one. Enjoy her!

  23. What a beautiful post :) Love the words! You have a beautiful daughter :)

  24. What a beautiful young lady. You must be very proud!

  25. Such a beautiful girl and a heartfelt, lovely post Dana x

  26. I love "Let God Do The Rocking"!

    She's a beauty!

  27. Awwww...She's Lovely! Mine is 24 and I still worry:)

  28. What a pretty little girl. Great post!

  29. I wish this could somehow be a book for all your girls.

    A book for each one, with these photos, and these words, to send them off with when they're 18.

    Can you do that?

  30. What a lovely, insightful post...

    Your daughter is such a pretty girl! As a worrier myself, I can certainly relate....

  31. Dana, what a sweet and loving post. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  32. What a beautiful poem! Really great post!

  33. The rocking chair of concern, I know it well. Gorgeous girl.

  34. This is beautiful. I felt exactly what you were saying inside my heart. I think you described me, and one of my daughters and two of my Grands perfectly.

    Thank you for making me think.

    Thank you for posting this.



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