Sunday, April 10, 2011

40 Bags In 40 Days

If you hadn't heard?

And I'm afraid to say, that our storage room does not look much better one year later.

So, I started this past weekend.

A renewed and determined effort to release my home of 

forty bags of junk and excess, over the forty days of Lent.

The bags above have already been taken to Goodwill. 

Mostly clothes.

I have another eight bags sitting in the corner.

It feels soooo good.

I'm on a mission.

Can't wait to show you what I have in store.

Big changes at Bungalow'56 are a comin...

Or maybe... I might chicken out... and just move : )


Personally, I think the big black garbage bags should really count as two.
They were heavy, heavy, heavy.
Good thing I used GLAD.
Funny how the guy with white hair never shows up when you need him like he does on those commercials.
I'm thinking of suing for false advertising.

No worries, The Agronomist did all the carting and loading for me.
He did a few heel clicks along the way.
Needless to say he is very happy about the Lenten de-junking. Pin It


  1. Good job!! We've been doing the same over here!

  2. i so need to do that. awesome. i save mine for a yardsale and then hardly make enough for it to be worth my time! i should just donate it!!!

  3. That's completely awesome! All stuff you don't need that someone else could put to good use - good job!

  4. Great job!! I got 3 HUGE blue recycle bags of boys clothes out!!! And as I finish up laundry and find bits and pieces that don't fit....I've filled another shopping bag! All for my little nephew....and it feels GREAT!

  5. Good for you. Now, would you like to come to my Minnesota home and help me get rid of some "stuff?" I'm trying to get my adult daughters to come home sometime and sort through their "stuff" so their former room doesn't look like a storage locker. But, I suppose until they have their own homes...

  6. Love this idea! We can put out bags for Goodwill along with our weekly recycling, I need to make it a goal to get at least a bag a week out there. Thanks for the push!

  7. Way to go, Dana! I feel good for you. Now I have to get cracking and feel good for me. LOL. I've managed 3 bags so the 40 is a long way off but I guess some is better than none.

  8. At least you're on the way to reducing the things that clutter your closet. I went through this big time last summer/fall, but I need to do it again this spring. I just need to find the time and energy to get propel myself into this dreaded job. Keep it going and keep up the good work! =D

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    Check out…
    This is Your Wake Up Call – It’s Monday

  9. I really need to do this. In fact, I told Craig that I should do nothing else for a week except go through the closets in the house.

  10. Ok, you get the rockstar award!!

    Yes, I agree that the black bags are at least 2 if not three bags in one {smile}!

    Reminds me that I need to be going through our closets!

  11. This is something I wholeheartedly support! Go you!

  12. Maybe I will do this for Lent next year. My husband would be so delighted! Good job, you!


  13. It's slow but steady here with a toddler in the house, but we are getting it done!
    So fun isn't it!
    Have a happy day

  14. Only 2 bags down over here....but a lot in piles for Goodwill and Consignment.
    It does feel good!

  15. Well done Dana....I'm good a the purging, but no good at actually getting the bags out of the house. Have two big green bags that have been sitting by the front door for the past month!


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