Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet Music... Sweet Shot : WW

We've been listening to a lot of beginner strumming here at Bungalow'56.
So I decided to take a few sweet shots of the process.

We've also been avid watchers of American Idol this past season.
I'm not sure if the two have any correlation?

Eldest and Middlest have decided to learn how to play the guitar.
Oh yes... Mama Bungalow can play a mean rendition of Grandma's Feather Bed.
So of course I was happy to help them in any way I could.

It seems they feel more comfortable using the internet via my iPhone.
So far, it has taken my place has been able to foster my children's musical aspirations wonderfully.

After only one week they are playing songs like 
Untouchable by Taylor Swift 
You're Beautiful by James Blunt and
Blackbird by The Beatles.

Of course... they know I'm here, in case they want to learn...
Thank God I'm A Country Boy by John Denver or
This Land Is Your Land.

I can tell they are just trying to get a feel for the instrument 
before having a little hootenanny with mom!

I. bet. they. just. can't. wait.

Kum ba yah anyone?


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  1. You mean John Denver is not IN anymore?!?

  2. Lovely photos! So fun to see your children develop interests and talents.

  3. very lovely photos..

    i also want to learn to play guitar =)

    visiting you from SST!

    here's mine:

  4. When I took guitar, I was learning Jimmy Crack Corn and Oh, Susannah. They're lucky times have changed!


  5. Love these photos! I think I spent about two days trying to learn guitar when I was young. Ha, I think I was smart to stick to using a paintbrush. ;)

    Happy Tuesday! Have a great week! Love your colorful blog, Dana!

  6. I think I can play Kumbaya but I do know most of the chords so give me a song with the chords C,D, A,Em,F,G,D7 and I'm good to go , but I don't strum very well

  7. Great pictures!!! Love it

  8. Hootenanny for sure!!! LOL

  9. I know Scarborough Fair! The only song I learned in lessons back in the 70's. Ha! Sweet shots of your aspiring guitarist.

  10. Beautiful photos! This scene is very familiar to me as I married into a family of gifted musicians. Many days I watched and listened to my stepson playing his guitar as he was learning to share his gift. It was beautiful to watch that develop. I absolutely love music and have absolutely no talent. I'm impressed!

  11. Mine play piano - but it's the same story ... I used to have to practice Michael Row Your Boat Ashore and my girls are playing Coldplay and Lady Gaga! Love your sweet shots ...

  12. hang in there, girls! my son taught himself and now he's in a band. he says, "you have to be willing to be really really bad for a while!" he said that to the younger when he contemplated learning. he gave up that dream in about 53 seconds.

  13. Wow, Dana another hidden talent...would love to hear a little John Denver!

  14. I love when you can catch the look of concentration, you did it wonderfully... I love the first photo :)

  15. You forgot...Puff the Magic Dragon!
    Love the shots. Amazing what they can do huh?
    Enjoy the sounds!

  16. My 17-year-old son has mentioned that he would like to learn to play the guitar. I, however, cannot read a note, not even a single musical note. But it appears that won't matter.

    Very nice shots, as always.

  17. it. Beautiful girl and it sounds like it won't be long before you are having that

    My husband and 3 of my sons play the guitar.

  18. You crack me up Dana. I just love these shots and the encouragement you provide, iPhone and all.

    Blessings - Debbie

  19. Wow. They must be talented to learn that on the internet. Who knew you could do that. Not me. But I am inspired, I may go buy a piano!!

    Great shots!

  20. Woohoo to learning guitar! Please tell me you have them queued up to learn Stairway to Heaven. Or at least Freebird.

  21. Fabulous shots. And how lucky they are to have you. My son recently started and I haven't a clue. I really need to get him more lessons.

  22. I love that your girls have so many varied interests, I bet it's never dull at the bungalow!

  23. You did a great job on these shots. It is as if she doesn't know you are taking them.

  24. So awesome...and I love the photos.

  25. That is so cool! And you got amazing shots! :)

    WW: Dork Dogs and Cats

  26. my boys play cello.

    music is cool,
    Glad to see you share.


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