Sunday, April 24, 2011

Show And Tell

We are having the most wonderful Easter weekend!
I can't wait to show and tell you.

I always loved show and tell as a kid.
Really...who didn't?

hmm.... I think I may have just discovered the deep rooted reason
for this phenomenon called blogging.

It's just a throwback to our kindergarten days.

I especially hope you are enjoying all of your chocolate eggs.
And chocolate bunnies.
And chocolate chicks.
Don't worry I am chocolate free.
It just feels better to write chocolate over and over again...

It's my way of chewing the word : )

As I mentioned it has just been one of those kind of wonderful few days.
I have been overwhelmed with the abundances that I have been blessed with this year.

Did you all get dressed up in your Easter best?
Did you travel somewhere to celebrate the holiday?
Did you look for eggs inside or outside?
Did you attend an Easter celebration?
Did you bake anything special?
Did you decorate eggs?
Did you take pictures?

I did!
Like I said... show and tell to come.




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  1. We baked a carrot cake to leave out for the Easter bunny last night.

  2. Happy Easter to you too! From Nanaimo, BC this year! We dressed up, went to church and have prepared some food for a dinner later today.....the kids looked for eggs inside ('cause the easter bunny didn't want to get up much earlier to hide them outside), we decorated eggs the other day & I took a few photos.....

  3. Happy Easter!

  4. Your Easter sounds delightful.

  5. We had a most wonderful Easter.

    Glad you did, too!


  6. I can only bow humbly at your chocolate-free status over Easter....


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