Thursday, May 05, 2011

C Is For...First Communion At Bungalow'56

This past Sunday was a very special day for us here at Bungalow'56.
It was a day greatly anticipated by Youngest in particular.
We all donned our best Sunday shoes.
Youngest wore her specially selected dress and asked Eldest to curl her hair.

This was the day she was going to receive her first Communion.
She was so excited and happy.
Faith is always so tangible when I see it in my children.
I can touch it in their smile and see it in their eyes.

It was a wonderful service.  
The kids were brought up front to sit with the priest
while he preached his homily (sermon) directly to them.
They stood up on the altar while the host and wine were consecrated.
They were truly a part of the whole celebration.

I quietly and quickly got a picture while he was showing them the baptismal font at the back of the church as they talked about how that had been the first step on their journey.
But after that I tucked it away until the end of the service.

This was after mass.
Do you see the sparkle in her smile?
The twinkle in her eyes?

I need to take a moment here to apologize to Eldest and Middlest.
For their first communion I strongly "suggested" that they could wear 
the 1st communion dress I had worn as a child.
"It was so cute and retro."
While they weren't thrilled about it,  they both wore it.

"I just want you to know this mothering gig is a ongoing learning experience, and I finally realized that this was supposed to be your day and I should have let you pick our your own dress.
Youngest is hopefully benefitting from my mishaps and mistakes with the two of you.
Still love me? ; )"

This is a very special day for us as Catholics, as the Eucharist is the basis of our faith.
And in another way, particularly for youngest, who always seems to be waiting 
to do the things her big sisters have already done.

A little soiree was prepared after church in the hall.
Michelle, our youth leader baked all of these goodies for over one hundred kids and their families celebrating 1st Communion (at three different masses.)
It was her gift to them.

We continued to celebrate with both sets of Grandparents with a wonderful brunch and some special gifts for Youngest to commemorate the day.

She's not my baby anymore.
She is growing up oh so fast.
But I don't worry, because I see that her faith is still childlike, and strong enough to move mountains.
And I hope that never changes.


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  1. YAY! Fantastic for youngest and I pray that God will continue to grow her faith in Him.

    It's amazing how fast they grow up, isn't it!

  2. A very special day indeed. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. Congrads on your youngest getting her 1st communion. It's certainly a memorable occasion to celebrate. I can't wait till my eldest gets to receive this sacrament too.

  4. Congratulations to youngest! Nearly all of our friends and family are Catholic and we ate about 5 years worth of cake this weekend going to all of the celebrations. So wonderful. I will send my mother-in-law to your blog as she is of course mad at us right now. Love you. xo

  5. Congrats! I remember getting a dotted swiss white dress to wear to mine.

  6. Thanks for sharing this memorable day with us through your, as always, beautiful images. You captured the essence and meaning of the day so well. We celebrated a niece's Confirmation on Sunday, the Lutheran version of First Communion.

    As a parent of three children, ages 17 - 25, I see my youngest also benefiting from what I've learned by parenting his older sisters. Such is the process of parenting.

  7. Yay! and Congratulations to your youngest! Wow, 1st communion! I still remember my own 1st communion and all the preparation for it! I feel so happy for you and your family :) Amazing photos to commemorate such a major milestone in her life!

  8. So nice! I love the necklace, too. I just joined the church on Holy Saturday. Although the mass was long, it was a beautiful service and one I will always remember. I know your daughter will, too. And I loved her red shoes! A very nice, "plucky" touch!

  9. What a wonderful day for her. She is just beaming.


    PS. The necklace and dress are darling!

  10. What a celebration! Love the dresses, cupcakes and the necklace is so sweet! Congrats!!!

  11. How wonderful! I still remember my first Communion...I was so nervous I threw up. Luckily, I made a quick recovery and enjoyed the day! I love your photos, as always!

  12. Great day for your youngest. Love the First Communion ceremony. I only have one more to go... but we have a few years. :)

  13. aw, she looks so radiant - congratulations on the first communion, such lovely photos from the big day!!

  14. Wonderful! What cute outfits they all have on. Those cupcakes are so darn cute! Don't be too hard on yourself mom about that communion dress! At least you learned this good lesson before you go shopping for wedding dresses! :0)
    Communion is important to me, too. Remembering what Jesus did for us and His sacrifice for us. Congratulations and blessings!

  15. Oh I love what you said about how we are always this gig of motherhood! Bless our older ones hearts!

    There is so much emotion in this post...thanks for sharing!

  16. What a special day! And what wonderful photos. Love the delicious looking cupcakes too!

    Great post to capture the day!


  17. Nice dresses and beautiful pictures ! In Belgium for the Communion all children boys and girls get the same cloths from the church, which looks like a white monk habit. This is to make no discrimination between the rich and the poors. Everybody has to be dressed the same. Of course when you are out of church you wear what you want.

  18. How lovely.

    Praying for God's richest blessings on your girl.

  19. Congratulation...!

    Jesus bless you and your family^^

  20. What a lovely memory, a day she will cherish for many many years to come I'm sure.
    Love the necklace!

  21. Of course, they still love you! In fact, they just may love you even more!!!

  22. What a beautiful post. We had first communion celebrations last week, and this week at mass. It brought tears to my eyes, and I didn't even know any of the children! Their excitement and wonder gets me every time. It looks like you had a fantastic day. All of your girls are just beautiful.

  23. Oh, this was a beautiful post. This took me to a memory had own first communion...about 100 years ago.

    Her happy smile just lit up this whole post!

    Congratulations on such a milestone event!

    What a lovely family you have.


    And Happy Mothers Day!

  24. Truly beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing such special moments with us.


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