Monday, May 09, 2011

A Rocky Start...

This is what I woke up to on Mother's Day.
You know how my girls love their banners.

But before I hear any oohs and aaahs from across the blogosphere,
I think it is important for you to know that this little banner was the cause of a lot of yelling and
fighting the night before.

While I was downstairs trying to pack away our basement for the upcoming reno,
the girls were upstairs (very overtired from two sleepovers the night before) trying to create something. 
All I knew is, I wasn't allowed upstairs.
With the clock at 9:30 pm, they still weren't done, and it looked like the plan that was in place was going to take an awful long time.

So with yelling and accusations about changes in design coming from upstairs, 
I of course tried to call yell from downstairs to put my two cents in too.

Finally some strict cutoffs and mediation from The Agronomist were necessary.  
With tears from both Middlest and Youngest, and complete frustration by Eldest, the banner was completed.

So all in all, the eve to Mother's day was off to a rocky start.
Not to worry though.  
If you start at rock bottom, there is no where to go but up, right?

Youngest had her special gift all wrapped up for me on the table.

Beautiful flowers bought for me by Youngest, with her own money.
She made a wonderful photo with a handmade painted frame and a cedar chip cross.
There aren't many more years left of the homemade gifts made in class.
It makes me a little sad, so I try not to think about it.

Church was followed by a pancake breakfast, so no dirty dishes or kitchen to clean up for anyone.

We spent the afternoon organizing and boxing all of our junk.
Please could someone tell me, why we buy things we then pack away never to use again?

A highlight of the day was a trip with The Agronomist to Costco
where I he bought me my Mother's Day gift!
An electric pencil sharpener.
It makes me so happy.

I liked the stopover at Starbucks too.
Did you know the frappacinno's can be made skinny?
I wish I had never asked.

The day wasn't all perfect.
There were some ups and downs.
While I was feeling all dreamy over my man at Starbucks.
It wasn't too long afterward I could have thrown him out the window.
He wanted (yet again) to throw out a
retro table I've been saving to put in our basement.
I accused him of having no vision,
and gave him the stink eye for at least an hour.

The girls made it all better though, when I opened a gift
they went to the trouble of finding on the internet for me.
Grapefruit spoons.  I couldn't find any here where I live... can you believe it?
I love grapefruit.
I eat it almost every day.
It has brought the experience to a whole new level.
They make me very happy.

But truly,  the best gift of all...
was when The Agronomist and I returned home...
and the girl's had the house completely tidied.
OK, you can ooh and aah now.

It was the icing on top of the cake.
Even though these days, I'm not eating icing... or cake for that matter.
Knowing the house wasn't a complete disaster, I didn't feel so guilty
when we went to spend the evening with Nana.

Her Mother's Day request?
White powdered mini donuts.
She's a women of simple needs.
I guess thats why she's celebrating 94 years in a few days.

So how was you Mother's day?
Was it an up and down experience,
or are you all a bit more in the steady eddy lane than this Bungalow'56 clan?

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  1. I have an electric pencil sharpener!! And it makes me very happy indeed. :) My DH loves him a Costco visit too.

    Happy Mother's Day to you, just a little late, cause that's how I roll. (And, if my middle & youngest were anywhere near old enough to fight back with Eldest & her VISION, there'd be the same amount of crying & yelling. Guranateed.)

  2. Oh I love a good electric pencil sharpener. I bought the girls one for Christmas and it truly is the most used appliance in the house. HA!

    Happy Mother's Day a bit belated, my dear friend. There is nothing as romantic as a trip to Costco without kids.

    Love you,

  3. No way - I got a homemade photo frame AND flowers in mason jars for Mother's Day, too!

  4. Ok. . . I really think you one are a wise woman. . .Love the whole rock bottom part! Maybe you should write a book if motherly wisdom!

  5. On the morning of Mother's Day, I had to teach a lesson at church. After that, though, it was all smooth sailing!


  6. Sounds like you had a very good Mother's Day with the banner, the coffee shop treat, the carnations, the homemade frame and then ending with a trip to Nana's house. I love her simple request for powdered mini donuts.

    Your sadness about the soon-to-be-end-of homemade gifts from youngest is understandable. The other day as I watched a neighbor boy gather dandelions, I remembered fondly when my kids would bring me clutches of dandelions. I nearly cried when I saw the little boy run up to his dad with the flowers and the dad did not accept the bouquet He just stood there with his arms crossed. I wanted to tell him to embrace his son and love him and thank him for the gift. I nearly cried.

  7. Love that your girls do the banner thing! So cool even with the hiccups in the making of it. The mason jar flowers too, carnations are a fave of mine.

    My husband couldn't believe when one year all I wanted to Christmas was a shredder. LOL. I use it all the time.

  8. Ugh....ours was WAY too packed, as usual.....but we had some lovely visiting time! Glad all turned out well on your end!

  9. Am sooo glad that mine are not the only teens capable of a good dust up at times :-)

    Glad you had a great day and oohhhh aaahhhh at your clean house!

  10. While I miss the days of handmade at school gifts from my kids I like the quiet that accompanies Mother's Day now.

  11. My grama turned me onto grapefruit spoons when I was hard to eat one without the jagged spoon. I love the vase and the thoughtfulness of homemade gifts, banners and things bought with their own money!

  12. love that you got those grapefruit spoons - very sweet! And the husband without vision? well let's just say ... I feel your frustration wholeheartedly - and we'll leave it at that ... sigh ...

  13. Those girls of yours sound absolutely delightful, happy happy mother's day to you friend!

  14. Your big girls came up with wonderful "dandelions" of their own. What wonderful gifts!


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