Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Does This Shout "Action" To You?

So just last night... as The Agronomist was turning off all the lights,
and while I was supposed to be turning off the computer.
I thought to myself,  "Hmm.... I haven't checked PW's photography page lately."
And low and behold, she had just announced her newest photography contest theme.
It was Action!
I liked it!
So of course I decided to quickly check to see if any of our photos would work.
A month or so ago,  Eldest and Middlest had a fun photo shoot.
The shots were made up of hair flinging and whipping.
There were several that would work, so I decided to take a few minutes to enter the contest.
What was a few minutes going to hurt?

After choosing, re-choosing, cropping, and sharpening several photos, I finally decided on this one.

Does this shout "Action" to you?

I will have to show you the others when I get a chance to grid them all together.
They are amazing.
This shot was taken by Middlest.
And I liked it.

I decided to crop it, to allow the picture to focus on the movement.
And I liked it.

Then I decided to crop it out even a bit more so that the hair was the focus.
And I liked it.
The photo wasn't the best quality, as it just had so much noise in it.
A technical term referring to the mottled look of the picture, which was especially noticeable in the hair.

So I downloaded it to Picnik, and played around with several different effects.
I went back and forth with so many I couldn't tell you what exactly I did.
But I liked it.

Hair Flip
Finally I took a bit of the yellow out and sent this in to PW's latest photo assignment.
And I didn't just "like it."
Instead I have to say that I loved  e.v.e.r.y  s.i.n.g.l.e.  minute of it.
The process.
The editing.
I think I may have another addiction.

A few minutes turned into an hour.
I could have continued for several more... but then I realized
I would have to answer The Agronomist's dreaded question.
"What time did you get to bed?"
And I don't like to lie to The Agronomist.
So I decided to like it.

And I hope you do too.

What can you spend hours late into the night doing?
If someone responds with laundry?
I'm afraid they will not be allowed to return.

It's a rule at Bungalow'56.

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  1. Wow that is an absolutely gorgeous picture! But then you have beautiful subject matter!!

    Hmm... reading! It is one of my guilty pleasures, in fact I have been known to sit down and read an entire book in one evening/night. Yes it makes for a bleary eyed me the next day so I try to avoid it. When we still home schooled I used to indulge in late night crafting as well as baking/preserving sessions. Nothing like fresh baked bread and homemade jam at 0200!!

    (and lets not talk about the "L" word right now.... it is on my list of obscenities to avoid using right now, ha ha!!)

  2. Oooh, that turned out absolutely fabulous!! I am loving what you did in picnik combined with the crop :)

    I am already struggling with photo editing taking over the evenings, I don't need any new addictions to keep me up later. Specially not laundry. I make my kids do their own now, so I'm like it a little more.

  3. That picture is so totally cool!
    I need to play around a bit more in Picnik it appears!!
    Have a happy day

  4. Just found your blog via Pioneer Woman's site... love your photography and LOVE the action photo! I have never heard of picnik and will be looking into it later when off of work. I love photography and have a lot more to learn but get so overwhelmed when I see the work of SO many talented photgraphers out there. I feel like I won't ever be able to catch up! Editing is not my forte and I'm struggling with photoshop right now. Anyway, loved your blog!You drew me in... I'll be back. Yet another reason why I love PW, I find the coolest blogs and learn so many new things from her readers!

  5. It looks amazing! I can see why this could become a time suck!

  6. just wrote an epic comment that was erased. Just suffice with love the shot, and I've missed you this week.

  7. I love this shot! You did so much to focus us on what you wanted and it worked.

  8. I love PW's photo assignments. I entered for the first time yesterday since I just started up with the photo bug. I love working with a photo and all the editing one can do. Between blogging, photos, and writing who has time for laundry???

  9. love it,

    the hair is in motion inDeeD!

  10. I love it! I actually love the SOOC but that is probably because I never edit pics at all and instead find the beauty in what's there already. BUT I love what you did with it and think it's a fabulous submission.

    You have me wanting to see what I could do with a little editing.

  11. AWESOME!!!!! LOVE the final product....I'll be the noisy one would've looked great still in b/w (sorry....more to try out). I too....say "I'll be right behind you" and then edit for an hour...or two....and then regret it!! And I set my alarm clock for 5:30 a.m. to get up to edit......before the kids wake up.

  12. Beautiful girl, beautiful hair... Been awhile since I was that young and had that kind of hair!

  13. I like the blur effect - it really makes the photo so much nicer.

    I spend a lot of time editing, coloring my photos and drawings and sometimes I don't even know where the time went. one minute it's 8 o'clock and the next it's midnight.

    hope your day is sweet!

  14. to me it shouts GORGEOUS!

  15. What a great picture. I love it. It totally shouts action!

    Also, when Hubs asks what time I went to bed, I tell him he should have stayed up with me and we could have gone to bed together. He is a night wimp. Sigh....

  16. Oh wow. Not only does that SHOUT 'action' to jumps up and down and waves banners while it's yelling!

    I really enjoyed your transformation of this picture. I hope you win! No, let me rephrase that...I know you'll win! Her photography is always so neat and unusual an I suspect she'll really appreciate this!

    At night? Hmmm...I'm usually sleeping although my husband is snoring under his c-pap and it woke me up tonight!

    Thanks for a delightful link this week!


  17. Loving the action! And so very beautiful! I have an action shot today too...not sure how in the world I got it! Hmmmm.

  18. I feel the same way monkeying around with a poem. Nothing better!

    (And I think your end result was just about perfect...)


  19. The Empress via Twitter: D--can't comment on your blog. Blogger won't let me. LOVE your girls' pictures. The hair...caught in motion. Lovely.

  20. Hi again!

    Great ‘D’ post! Happy Alphabe-Thursday!

    Have a great weekend ahead & look forward to *seeing* you again next time,


  21. So incredibly beautiful. Worth every hour or minute you spent on it. xo

  22. Hi! So glad you knew how I got that pic...of course, none of it was on purpose. I guess I am super lucky!!!

  23. Love it! It does scream "action" but it also shows happiness and beauty!

  24. I was by yesterday but it looks like you lost a lot of comments!

    Love this shot and I really enjoyed you sharing your manipulations with us!

    Can't wait to read about you winning the contest at PW's!

    Thanks for a delightful link.


  25. This is a great photo. I guess that either blogging or reading are the things which keep me up later than I should be!

  26. I love the shot! Very cool! I love how her hair is blowing behind her and how much she looks like she is enjoying that breeze. She's very lovely too :) Good luck at PW's photo contest!

  27. I can spend countless hours editing and tweeking pictures. I love what you did with yours. Really beautiful!
    Reading and sewing can keep me up very very late and unlike you i lie about it!


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