Monday, May 16, 2011

Teeny Weeny Are The Most Wonderful Words...

How frustrating.
Blogger down.
For almost two full days.
And this happens just when I have so many things to share with you.

I wanted to tell you about how much I'm loving Jango;
it truly is making my time at home so enjoyable.
No annoying commercials, and only the songs I want to listen to.

I was also going to show you some of the great stuff I'm collecting on my Pinterest Boards.
You can click here and see for yourself.
So much great info.
Set up just the way I like it.
With pictures!
I am enjoying looking through all of the best of blogland so much.
It is helping to inspire me in so many different areas.

I also wanted to figure out a great post for Jen's Ink Pen's  new Memory Lane meme;
because I think it's a great idea.
Don't your kids love hearing stories about your when you were young?
Thankfully it will be up all week, so you can join me there later.  
I'll start wracking the old noggin
and see if I can remember a few snippets to answer her prompts this week.
Here are the questions:

What do you remember about your very first best friend?
What did your childhood bedroom look like, smell like, feel like, or sound like?
Do you remember being allowed to do something as a child or teenager...
that you would not think of letting your own child do today? 

On Friday I wanted to write a post about how my sugar free life is unfolding.
It's going well.
It has truly changed me.  
I am so much happier these days.
Big surprise... I'm taking care of myself and it feels good : )
I need to watch out for raisins though.
Mm hmm... raisins.
In fact, I've become a Salad connoisseur.
And I even have the pictures to prove it.
Yup that's (sort of bread) in the background.  
It's made up of eggs, and milled flax seed.
It's getting me through the -no bread- rough patches.

I hated making salads.
I loved eating them,
but hated making them.
I have changed.

Every time I thought of a new post I wanted to sit down and write this weekend,
something seemed to go wrong. 
Blogger was gone.
The power went out.
I wasn't meant to blog.
It was a sign.
A sign that I was supposed to be doing something else.

Something like this.
Did I mention we are renovating our basement?
A complete gut job.
What you see here was a temporary fix.
A little paint over the 50 year old faux wood panelling,
and some laminate did the trick.

This picture is half way through organizing, chucking and hauling to the garage.
We have waaaay too much stuff.

This is only one half of the basemnt.
On the other side is a huge storage room, The Agronomist's office
and then another huge storage room/laundry room.

We can make much better use of the space, don't you think?
We are feeling the excitement.
I'm so glad we finally made the decision to go ahead with it.
It feels good to have decided that this is home.

This is what is looked like on Sunday.
Now the demo begins.
I'll be doing a proper post later this week.
We are very excited!
I can't wait to share all of our plans with you.

This young lady has been preparing for a big day.
Tonight she will be celebrating her Confirmation.
She's been attending classes at our church and also preparing in class at school.
She is growing up,
Too quickly.

Doesn't it just hit you sometimes?
I hate being hit.
It makes me feel... well... old for one thing.
And a bit nostalgic for all things that have already gone by.
I miss those days.
The rose coloured ones.
Because of course, they have nothing to do with late night feedings, or tantrums : )

We found a dress for the occasion,  and I thought I would share it with you.
But I decided to wait.  Grandma is making a few changes to it.
I'll take some beautiful photos of her tonight.

On top of this all, Youngest had her Suzuki Book One graduation.
She played so well, we were very proud.
Her teacher had a surprise gift for her.
She was very pleased.

 Especially once it was all over!

And then of course.
My new shoes.
They make me feel like I'm six again.
I can't help but smile when I look down.
Plus the girls said, "Oh Mom they make your ankles look teeny weeny."

Worth a million bucks right there.
Thankfully they were a $20 Walmart splurge.
Thought I should divulge,
just in case, you happen to feel the need to revisit your 6yr old self.

Teeny Weeny.

Teeny Weeny?

Teeny Weeny!

That.  My Friends.  Will keep me going for the rest of the week : )

Sometimes it takes so little to put a little pep in our step.
So go out today and do something good for yourself.
You deserve it!


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  1. I love eyelet.

    And I love your new shoes, too.


  2. Christine BTMay 16, 2011

    Dana can you send me the recipe for the milled flax *faux-bread*? Hmm, faux bread actually sounds far more appealing and "upper crust" than plain old real bread...:) (I'll stop with the puns now.)

  3. I love your basement! It would make an amazing playroom. Your salad looks awesome. I need to do something with salads with summer.

  4. well, hey there pinterest friend ... i've been loving all of the design ideas you've been pinning lately for your basement reno - super cool stuff! I am writing a post as we speak about my addiction to pinterest - love it like a scooby snack - or heroin, I can't decide which ;-)

    ps - love the eyelet dress!

  5. forgot to say that I linked up with jen today too ... fun questions, can't wait for you to join!!

  6. I love your stories....I can't wait to see your basement. And the photos of tonight....I'm scared to start looking at Pinterest...I already have a time management problem.

  7. Yay! You are all gonna love that new basement. I bet you are so excited! You have already come a long way...just with the clean out!
    Im still afraid of pinterest...weird, I know!
    And the shoes are too cute! Glad to hear you will be joining Sloan and I on Memory Lane. Your storties ar always entertaining!


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