Friday, May 20, 2011

Elephant Ears

I come from a long line of gardeners.
Market Gardeners from Holland on my Dad's side.
And Vegetable Gardeners on my Mom's side. 

It makes me wonder about the whole nature, nurture thing?
You see,  I have no desire to grow things.
My yard is flowerless, save for a front bed of Nasturtiums grown from seed.
The Agronomist plants them with the girls help, every spring.

In the back yard,  these little pink wonders show up every year.
They are very dependable.
I love them for their tenacity and their ability to grow without any help from me.

I call these  perennials Elephant Ears, but I think that may be wrong.
The leaves are huge and elephant ear like in shape, so I'm sticking with it.
It suits them.

And when they bloom,
I do love them, and think "I should have more flowers.  They make me happy."
So sometimes late at night I wonder if perennials are the answer to my flowerless world?

Then I realize during our hot dry summer,
I would have to remember to water them.
And I would have to remember to weed them.

So then I worry about how I would know the difference between a weed, and a baby plant?
And then I worry that my worrying may keep me up all night.

The worrying and the wondering.
It's a vicious cycle.

At some point during my late night quandary I realize that some people are planters
and some people are not.

And I come to the conclusion that instead,
some people are the picture takers of the things the planters plant.

And I'm happy to say I am the latter of the two.
And I like it that way.

Partly because it involves less watering and weeding.
And more importantly... less worrying and wondering.


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  1. Beautiful pictures of gardens are wonderful too.

  2. Gorgeous!!!!! I think I'm the latter of the two as much as I love to watch my perennials bloom.....I tend to forget about watering....and definitley forget about weeding...lucky I got a dog that likes to do the "weeding" for me?! On a side note....I just noticed my name on your sidebar...I'm so very honoured!!!! Thank you!

  3. Don't you worry about a thing. You are lovely just the way you are! I'm a plant person, you're a picture person! It takes all kinds to make the world an interesting place.

  4. Love your lovely flower photos! :o) yes...perennials are such happy surprises when they pop up...especially after a long winter.

    Thank you for your comment last week! I can't believe that only today did yours and about 9 others show up from that post! (That Blogger maintenance thing was a doozy! But I'm happy that the comments did pop up!)

    And the date stamp still shows up when the comments were actually left, but then on the email notification, it shows today's date!

  5. You and I are on the same page with this!


  6. oh, dana, i am soooo with you on this one!!

  7. If you don't enjoy gardening, then you don't enjoy gardening. Nothing wrong with that. I am a gardener and a photographer. Love my plants. Love photos. I just spent my entire afternoon digging in the dirt.

  8. Some people would never see the beauty of the flowers the way you captured them in these pics. What a gift....never mind the planter part. Beautiful!


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