Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Is What Family Looks Like

F is for family.
Two of my three sisters drove the seven hours up for the long weekend, and we packed it full.
Tighter than a suitcase bound for Toronto.

We're a tall group of women.  5'11, 5'9 and a shade shy of 5'8.
It's our strong dutch heritage, plus the wheat germ our mom put in our cereal.
On the left is my InConsiderate Sister, and in the middle is my Organized Marthaesque Sister.
My youngest Cool Sister wasn't able to come because she was doing something cool...
Like taking a jaunt off to England with her British husband and her baby boy.

Since she's expecting again, I guess we can forgive her.
I suppose his family should see them once in awhile too.
But we were definitely one short.

A certain sister decided she didn't like her scarf in the pictures. 
A discussion was had about necks and their widths.
Some were wider than others.
Some were Grace Kelly-ish.
But no one was bitter.
We're long past the concerns of who has what and where we have it.
It was a sisterly bonding moment. 
So here is one where we aren't quite as in focus, but everyone will be much happier with the choice.
We had a whirlwind weekend.
The kind of family frenzy that comes with eight cousins and three brother in laws.

We also took the opportunity to celebrate our Nana's 93rd birthday.

It was also the weekend she was going to be moving into a brand new care facility.
Many sister hands lifted and sorted, making the job lighter in both weight and spirit.

The visiting was busy and bright. 
The laughing felt good.
It felt right.
It was how family should feel.

Many photos were taken...
when aunty (that's me) decided to get her picture taking groove on.
and tried to take advantage of the picture perfect light.

It was so nice to see what this camera could do.
With faces other than my own three girls.

The lighting? Did I mention the perfect lighting?
hmm.. maybe I did.

Plus, of course... the amazing genetics shining through, ahem.

The weekend ended with a wave good bye to our guests,
and a sledge hammer smashing into the basement walls.

This is what family looks like at Bungalow'56!


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  1. Aaah how lovely! Family is indeed wonderful! So nice that you have each other!


  2. LOVE this post, dana! i've always wished for sisters and so glad that at least my ladybugs got to be sisters - lucky them! Love that you were all there for one another, love that your nana is 93(!), and, like you, i'm also loving that dreamy lighting at the portrait session - that last photo should be pinned, those freckles are to die for ;-)

  3. Great pics. I love the last red head. The light and his expression - perfect

  4. Lovely post and pictures. That red hair and freckles in the last photo is just adorable. I'm 5'11", too, and feel most comfortable around my tall family. And my middle child, my first boy, actually makes his mama feel short. He's 6'5" tall. ;)

  5. What a wonderful family! Scarf discussions, helping Nana move, and just spending time together sounds wonderful

  6. what a wonderful post.. I too love my Sisters..
    have a great day..

  7. What a fantastic weekend!! & you have a great looking family!!! My favorite shot is the last one with his freckles.....Oh my!!!!!

  8. Your family is absolutely beautiful. And it looks like a lovely time together :)

  9. The lighting for the photos may have been perfect, but you need to credit yourself also for your photography skills.

    Love the portraits, especially that cutie redhead with all the freckles.

  10. What about those freckles? WOW. Love that you had time with your sisters and cousins. Family is the best.

  11. hi, first time visitor here! beautiful family. and now i'm in the mood for a trampoline.

    nice meeting you.


  12. Aren't sisters just the best?

  13. Wow, what a gorgeous family! And great photos - what happens when good light and good genes come together. I was hoping to post about my family gathering last weekend, but my mother had been on the hospital since Monday. A very different kind of family experience. As an only child, it all falls on me. How I wish I had sisters.

  14. What a wonderful time and loved all the pictures. Especially that little redhead guy. I'm partial to redheads since I am one and two of my 3 had that beautiful color!

  15. Such a cute post and the pictures are so nice, the 3 sisters, you all have freckles, very in fashion !

  16. Looks like lots of fun...and you are looking very thin! The kids are adorable...and the lighting is nice...and the freckles and the rosy cheeks!

  17. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    Just lovely and adorable family you have here. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Your blog is very alive. Good job.

  18. What beautiful women you are.. (those eyes!) and your kids are just gorgeous, too! Happy birthday to nana. I'm sorry your other sister wasn't able to make it. It's always more fun when all four of us siblings get together!

  19. This is my favorite kind of weekend, and it looks like you guys did it up right!


  20. Dana, you have no idea just how lucky you are. This is a beautiful post, and a wonderful tribute to your family.

    I was late with my "F" post, but it is up now. Check it out!!

  21. What a happy post! There's nothing like a sister visit!

  22. I love family gatherings! Yours looked like fun! We are having a family get together in Penticton this summer - 15 cousins and 16 adults - yay!

  23. Lovely post Dana, and you have a gorgeous family .


  24. Dana, your family is absolutely fantastic. I can see the similarities in all of sisters are all lovely. And those cousins! What an adorable bunch.

    This looks like such a wonderful celebration of life.

    Thank you for letting us hang out with you all. It was a real honor.

    And thank you for linking. I appreciate the smile.



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