Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Decor Dilemna

You know what's funny?
When I first started reading blogs, I only looked at decor ones.
I couldn't get enough of them.

Since buying our first fixer upper or fall downer house,
I've been an avid reader of Canadian House and Home and Style at Home.

To explain the depths of my love for all things decor:
A criteria I had for a future husband was handyman-ness.
And yes I got my wish... along with tall dark and handsome.
But, ahem, that's a story for another day.

When I decided to start a blog,
I seriously thought I would be starting a decor blog about my adventures in renovating my home.
Thus the name Bungalow'56.
Oh so funny.

So here I am venturing forth into a full basement gut and reno;
and now may be able to live out that crazy dream.

You would think it would be a dream come true for a decor lover like myself.
The problem is... I also have a hard time making decisions.
And as most of you realize, a renovation and blogging about it,
demands that decisions need to be made.

At the moment I am trying to figure out decision number one.
The flooring.
Just so you know, my whole goal with this basement is to make it look nothing like a basement.
Pretty sneaky I know.

So last night The Agronomist took me on a date.
It was very romantic.
We had popcorn by the flickering fire...
at Timbr Mart.
He wore his overalls : )
It was right up my alley.

Along with my love of late night Home Depot style dates,
did I mention I also love getting something for next to nothing?

Well wouldn't you know it, some flooring was on sale from 2.69 a square foot for .97 cents.
It's a washed out light oak laminate.
Not something I would normally be drawn to... unless of course
I were being swayed by the Awesome price!

What would you do?
Just curious.
Nice and bright for a basement, no?
Or is it too cool and sterile?

Over and out,
Undecided at Bungalow'56.

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  1. Perfect! You can always add nice cozy area rug! I think with laminate you can also install sub floor heating {I highly recommend that -keeps those toes warm}

    How exciting Dana!

  2. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    I can't wait to see it!! When I first started looking at blogs it was all about home decor for me too!!

  3. I think for that price you could sure have pretty accessories to go with it!!!! Good luck....can't wait to see some of what you decide!!! ps.....Blue Lily might be doing a Calgary goPro!!!!

  4. I actually like it!


  5. I thought that top picture was your house (maybe it is) - I'm drooling over all of that color!!

    I LOVE to re-do rooms - I just need more money!
    I redid our basement about 5 years ago and I still love it. The basement is the "cool" - as in temperature - part of the house and so I decided I wanted it to be bright but warm. So I painted it an off-white color that had a tinge - just a tinge of yellow in it (because even a tinge really shows up in a basement) and I love the results. It is a warm, yellowy-tan color and the tables and Entertainment center etc...are black. I have been able to incorporate cream and red and green into it too as touches - LOVE.

    So you could go warm or you could go cool (I don't know where you live) and do what a friend of mine did with baby blue/teal walls, browns and silvers/nickel - Looks boss.

    I really think the possibilites are endless. Even though I love color I have learned the value of timeless colors as well. If I had it my way my home would look like a rainbow!

    The flooring you chose would go with almost anything I think! On sale is the

    Good luck - You seem to have magic in all you touch so I know it will look great!

  6. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    Oh Dana - what a fun project! Can't wait to see everything that you decide to do. I say go with the laminate for the price and use area rugs in spots to warm it up. I think Flor ( would be really fun in a basement. I use the commercial brand of Flor all the time in schools I design. Fun stuff!


    Having to post as anon b/c blogger is all messed up!

  7. OH I think they would be absolutely lovely in a white oak! And Alissa is so right about Flor! We absolutely love their products. In fact we are getting some for the new addition.

    (and aren't late night Home Depot type dates the best!!! we usually stop by Starbucks and get a decaf something to share while we stroll the hardware stores.

  8. Do IT!!!!! We love our laminate flooring. For that price, I might have to pinch you if you pass it up. I think it's serendipitous!

    And I also started out on the home blog front. I always feel bad for my earlier followers who are now totally not getting what they signed up for. ;)

  9. Dana, it's pretty and practical.

  10. Is that your husband in those suspenders?

  11. Oh do it! We have hardwood in our basement and love it.

  12. ok, first of all, this was exactly my own path into blogging - all via the style/design blogs i follow ...and i even had the same idea that i'd blog about the same ... funny indeed!
    anyway, re: flooring choice - LOVE LOVE LOVE me some washed out light oak ... and the fact that it was that big of a bargain? i'm speechless - pretty AND a great value never seem to go hand in hand, what a score, dana!

  13. I would go for the bargain, timeless washed oak.

    When the Agronomist is finished with your basement, could you send him down to Minnesota to replace red and black striped carpeting and paneling in, ahem, someone else's basement?

    Good luck with the project. I can't wait to see the results.

  14. For that price I would make it work...but I am so bad with decor stuff on my own. I have to call in the expert design friends that I have to get their input!
    Its gonna be great!

  15. Oh we are sooo in sync! Hubby and I were at a hardware store last weekend looking at timber laminate flooring. Unfortunately we are not financial enough to carry it at the mo with the kitchen going in. Will be in envy of yours though :-)

  16. Dana.. i am the exact same with making a decision. i brew and brew and brew and look and look and look. too much! since you are Canadian, don't you love Sarah's House? oh my. a date to Home Depot is dreamy for sure.

  17. Don't ask me I like to read decor blogs but I feel like none of the decor knowledge has sunk in!


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