Monday, June 06, 2011

Beautiful Baby

Mom and Babe Shy
As promised, here are a few of the photos from my first baby shoot.
With a crazy busy week, I've just started the editing process.
And here are a few of the photo's that are done.

Isn't mama beautiful?
This shot was just a happy accident.
It wasn't planned at all.

The lighting was perfect as she started to get ready to leave, 
so we took a few quick clicks.
And it ended up being my favourite shot of the afternoon.

Thinking Shy shoot
Don't let his relaxed pose fool you,
the little mister worked so hard giving us all of these wonderful shots.
He taught me so much about a newborn shoot.

Shy shoot Black and white
We here at Bungalow'56 thought he was a perfect angel.
And I think you can see why.

These are still my favourite little piggies.
There is nothing better than downloading pictures and finding some special ones like this.

I can't wait to capture many more itty bitty fingers and toes.
I am looking forward to learning with each and every one!

But in all seriousness....
couldn't you just eat them up?


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  1. I look back at my first newborn session and can only shudder. ;) You'll have these beautiful ones to look back on.

    Congrats to the new momma!

  2. You did an amazing job Dana! Beautiful :)

  3. Wow! Terrific job! The mom's lashes are just gorgeous in that first shot! Beautiful shots!

  4. Stunning pics Darna - well done :-)

  5. Great shots Dana! I only hope my first baby shoot will be half as good!

  6. Gorgeous pic of Mom and Baby. I love it. It says so much! And teh colors and editing are perfect!

  7. What wonderful shots! You are so talented.

  8. Those lips. . . Adorable!

    That first shot is amazing. . .I love accidents like that!

  9. You did a great job! I'd love to learn how to take newborn shots. That second one, with the light hitting his face, is definitely amazing.

  10. Oh absolutely precious! I love the black and white. (

  11. Oh wow. Wow! These are amazing. I love them all!

  12. SCORE! Dana, these are wonderful!!! I can't wait to see more from this baby session :)

  13. I was just thinking of you and your first photo shoot. I am glad it all went well. I love the picture of mom and baby, I wish I had such a nice one of myself ;o)

  14. Wow, great shots! Woul never have believed this was your first newborn shoot. Fabulous!

  15. Great job with the baby shoot. Love the first pic. You are so right about the light being perfect.
    I also like the one with the babies blanket over his head...looks like a black and white photo. Sweet.

  16. These are beautiful. the lighting is gorgeous.

  17. You are wonderful! And so so brave!

  18. clearly you see that you have a bright future here ... right?! dana, let me tell you in no uncertain terms: these shots are AMAZING!
    love love love ...

  19. Pure sweetness. You captured it. The emotions. The love. The beauty. Absolutely to-be-treasured images. Sometimes, oftentimes, when we least expect it, we get the best shots.

  20. did such a great job!!

  21. Dana, those pictures are so beautiful and pure and perfect. I love them all! Great job on them!

  22. I'd say you did a wonderful job!


  23. I adore that second shot!

  24. Oh my gosh.

    I am not lying to you when I tell you I am screaming over here in excitment for you.

    Dana, believe me--these are exquisite.

    I'm not just saying that to you.


    Enough to make my eyes fill with tears.

    You go. YOU GO.

    No more "life half lived."

    SO proud of you.

  25. You are amazing. These are perfect. xo

  26. wayyyy to go Dana. Simply gorgeous. The baby, the mama, the images. Love them! - Nik

  27. Oh these are just so ridiculously cute!!! Great job!!!!

  28. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    Yes - I definitely could just eat him up. Amazing shots Dana! And your first newborn shot? You would never know!


  29. I just did my newborn niece and realized it is a lot harder than I thought it would be! But it was a lot of fun and a learning experience! Good job on them, they look great!


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