Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

We've already started celebrating.

The girls really wanted to go see the Fire Works scheduled for midnight.

As you can see in the above picture taken by The Agronomist at our local airport last night, the sunset doesn't happen until close to Midnight this time of year. 

So fireworks are waaaay late. 

They had asked to go last year, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to wake them up.

We did not hear the end of it for 364 days.  I guess they really wanted to go?

Thankfully and totally unheard of, the two younger girls both had long naps in the afternoon.

And so they and The Agronomist went to see the show.

I however due to a slight allergic reaction to some wine vinegar in the supper salad, took a Benydryl...

resulting in an overwhelming need to sleep from 7pm on.
Thankfully The Agronomist took some pictures and video with his phone, to show me when they returned.

We will be enjoying today's parade and a good old fashioned BBQ, 
with hamburgers, fresh corn, and homemade apple crisp with ice cream.

I might even have to throw in a root beer float sometime in the afternoon for good measure.

Happy Canada Day Everyone!

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  1. It looks like a wonderful celebration.

  2. Thanks for the link Dana! Happy Canada day! I wish you lived closer and could chronicle my baby bump too:)

  3. Have a good one!


  4. I love how Canucks call hamburgers BBQ! Happy Canada Day! :)

  5. Hope your day was fun! we are childless and just can't get ourselves out the door to take in fireworks. Just enjoyed a yummy steak dinner and a glass of wine. Bummer about the allergic reaction, no wine...that would be hard!

  6. I'm a fellow Canadian! I live in the Toronto area. A belated Happy Canada Day to you xo


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