Monday, July 25, 2011

One Thing I Know For Sure

Feet up edit 3
This photo shoot was a lot of fun.
I love taking pictures of teenagers.
They were so full of ideas and pretty much game for anything.

Feet edit 2
Eldest started at a new high school this past year.
She was leaving most of the friends she had attended school with, since kindergarten.

Tanner edit
As a mother, you worry.
Worry that your teenager won't find their place.
She would know kids, from soccer, but it's different at school.

Funny face edit
I remember high school.
And not with particular fondness.
I was a late bloomer I guess.

Jump edit
Sometimes I think it's easier in a larger school.
And this school is large.  
1600 students.

Regan Edit 2 Antique
But yet, it would be easy to get lost.
Easy to blend in.

Group Edit
You'd think after 16 years I'd have learned that worries seldom find their way home.
But still like to knock very insistently at the door of imagination.

Regan edit
Instead, friendships are plentiful.
And I really like these girls.

Legs hands Edit
It's not all perfect.
Life never is.
Pictures can be full of colour and perfectly edited.
But people seldom are.

Sydney Edit
I hope for these girls many years of friendship.
The wisdom to know that these are the good years.
And not to take each other for granted.

Feet edit
It's a time that is carefree like no other.
A time to figure out who you want to be,
with the opportunity to try on many pairs of shoes,
and see which ones seem to fit you best.

Shae Edit
These beautiful faces were a photographer's dream.

Hands edit
Do you remember these days?
Days of back yard fires, movie nights, and new driver's licenses.
My hope is that they treat each other with kindness.
Because one day far into the future they will be looking back as a mother,
and hope for the same for their own daughters.

Tanner legs Edit
I still wear flip flops.
But that's where our similarities end.
And that's OK
This old mum is happy to relive her youth through this lens.

Tanner photobox Edit
I hope each and every one of the girls,
see very clearly how beautiful they are.

Because the one thing I know for sure;
is... this camera doesn't lie.


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  1. these are fabulous photos! so fun. looks like she's settling in with her new friends just fine!

  2. This looks so fun! Beautiful pictures and beautiful girls. Kathi

  3. These are amazing! She has an amazing group of friends.

  4. Holy Cow! These are beyond fabulous! Every photo is a fun work of art. They could be in a magazine!

  5. AMAZING photos Dana. And your words to go along with them are equally amazing. Someday your daughter is going to be so happy to have all these gorgeous photos!

  6. Fantastic photo shoot, Dana! You nailed the focus on their eyes in the close-ups and I love the group shoe shots :)

  7. Beautiful.

    Such beautiful creations of nature.

    Your skillz are mad with a Z, Dana.

  8. Fantastic shots! I love the waist down shots of their legs and feet and the group shot of them jumping and the portraits are all beautiful.

  9. You are amazing. These pics are fabulous. Im sure these pics are all over their facebook pages!!!

  10. You pictures area amazing and fun! Great captures.

  11. Oh my Dana! Those close ups are fabulous! Can you dish on how you are getting the pretty eye sparkle in each picture? Photoshop?

  12. wow - incredible (like incredible) photos, but what's more is the words you chose to go with them, dana - as the mom of 2 girls just approaching this age, this is such an amazing inspiring post - hits me right in the center of my heart ... thanks, friend ...

  13. These are such fun.

    Good friends!


  14. Outstanding in all ways: the girls, the images, the words, the photographer!

  15. Beautiful girls, beautiful pictures!

  16. Dana, your photos are truly inspired. I love the one with the girls legs crossed. What a great way to memorialize the summer for your daughter and her friends.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. I just discovered your beautiful blog and I was mesmerized by this post. Your photographs of those lovely girls were stunning.

    My daughter will be starting high school in a few weeks and I have the exact same worries. Girls can be so mean. It looks like your daughter has found some wonderful friends - I hope my girl does too.

  18. Oh Dana, this photo story is perfect in every way!

  19. Beautiful photos!! And Beautiful girls!

  20. What a beautiful post filled with beautiful pictures. It's hard to see our kids grow up, isn't it? You did an amazing job of capturing this moment in their lives.


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