Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Messy Basement Renovation: Part I: The Bathroom

First there is the mess.
No one told me about the mess!
ok... maybe the mess was mentioned.
But I was too busy dreaming about sitting in front of a beautiful fireplace 
with my dog lovingly nestled in my lap.
I should have know something was up.... we don't have a dog.

But we sure have one heck of a mess. 
Maybe it was best no one told me about this.

Picnik collage basement reno
Picnik collage
Then it was time for the demo stage.
The best part of the demo stage as far as I was concerned.
was the constant wearing of these "Mike Holmes" overalls.
There. is. just. something. about. a. man. who wears a hammer in his holster.

Picnik collage
The girls have been pitching in too.
It takes three of them to keep up to The Agronomist.

Picnik collage
We were happy to have Grandpa help out too.
Even if he couldn't hear a thing we said all day.

Then we went through the jack hammering phase.
All. day. every. day. for. three. days. straight.
The Agronomist is still a little blurry even three weeks later.

Then we spent several days watching The Agronomist dig holes.
Big messy, dirty holes.
I really, don't think anyone told me about the mess.
I think I would have remembered the mess being mentioned.

Where holes are dug, rubble emerges.
We spent a few hours, every couple of days doing bucket duty.
Our family bonded.
We were a team.
We were getting rid of the mess.
Mama was happy.

Then we called in the biggest renovating gun in town.
Tony "The Toolman" Taylor!
He's a carpenter sharp shooter like no other.
Here he is, along with The Agronomist raising a 600lb steel support beam into place.

It was an engineering feat like no other.
They got the job done.
And the basement is now a wide open space, with no support posts in sight.

Since our new windows were going to be delayed Tony started with the bathroom first.
And that meant that I had to make some decisions.
And I did make them.
Not once, not twice but...

over. and. over. and. over. again.
Back and forth, around and around.
Tony is a patient man.
And might I add, The Agronomist seems very happy these days, that for once
he is not the carpenter asking for a decision.

This was "one" of the options.
I had no idea grout colours were so varied and many?
And did you know it can completely change the look of the tile?
I needed an extension.
Just like in school
I asked nicely,

But Tony wasn't having any of it.
He was going to get the job done, in spite of me.

So for good or bad I made some decisions.
The tile guy at the tile store may have influenced me at the last moment.
I'm not about to say.
I've sworn him to secrecy.

So a few things stayed the same as above and a few things didn't.
I decided orange was not a good look for grout.
And while I loved the idea of a light beachy oasis.
I am not one to make decisions that are not practical.
My girl's all have dark hair, and a light floor and light grout for the shower floor would have,
in the end, just made the bathroom always look unkept,
( a milder way of saying.... dirty.)
So I decided to go with a barn board floor (it's really tile) and a river bed instead of the beach!
I can live with that, and so can my housekeeper, who I happen to know really, really well.
She writes a blog you might read.
And funnily enough, her name is Dana.

So with a little help from tile guy and an email suggestion by a very talented designer,
This is Bungalow'56 basement bathroom.
Now to just make some decisions about the vanity...
Funnily enough, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I seem to be drawn too costs thousands of dollars.
But I'm moving in this direction...

...for now : )

Tony is currently running wire, and for some reason, 
seems to think he needs to know where I want lights?!

Over and out at Bungalow'56
A place where Messy takes on a whole new meaning!


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  1. Oh my gosh....that is looking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see more!!!

  2. AnonymousJuly 28, 2011

    How exciting! This is looking really good. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. Decisions, decisions. I have to be one of the world's worst decision makers and all those decisions would be driving me crazy right now. It looks like you're doing a wonderful job.

  4. I love it Dana!!! Can not wait to see the rest!

  5. Wow ! Amazing job you guys! I like the overalls too. :) The bathroom looks great!

  6. that looks great good luck with the rest

  7. Aren't projects fun? We've done a lot of that type of family bonding also.

    So far, this looks fantastic. One question, though: Why the jackhammering?

    Also, how about posting some "before" pix, or did I miss them?

    Finally, I am glad that I am not the only one who struggles with decorating decisions. There are just way too many choices.

    Could you send Tony and The Agronomist to Minnesota when you are done. I know of a basement that needs a make-over. (That would be right under my feet.)

  8. Wow! My master bath has been under "remodel" for almost a year now! Somehow Hubs has been "busy".... doing what I'm still not sure! After reading your post it's time for Hubs to get unbusy! I want a pretty bath like yours!

  9. It certainly does get ugly before it gets amazingly beautiful! Great job!~Ames

  10. We started our basement reno almost two years ago, all I wanted was another bathroom, we now have a cedar closet, pantry, two bedrooms, laundry, tv area, and cut in new larger windows, the bathroom is the last to go, hope its done by Christmas. Your reno looks like it's moving ahead faster!

  11. I love it too. It makes me wish that I needed to go to the your house.

  12. Looks lovely. And your basement is so bright!

  13. wow! lot's of hard work! great job so far...visiting from remodelaholic's linky party :)

  14. Nothing keeps me on the edge of my seat like a remodeling post! I'm such a nerd. It looks great and now I feel a need to rip up my bathroom floor and replace the white tile with dark brown. ;)

  15. I love the way you're making this a family project.


  16. It looks great!

    What a beautiful family project. Love it.

  17. It looks wonderful. I love those rocks! How do they feel on your feet?

  18. Wow! It's looking amazing. I absolutely love the river rocks!

  19. It is looking great Dana - and oh do I feel your pain when it comes to construction mess!

    (can't wait to see some weightloss before and after pics!)

  20. I love your choices! The housekeeper at my house would too.

  21. Oh my gosh.

    I can't believe you all know how to do this.


    Such leadership.

    You all need a break, esp. that hard working strong not afraid to get dirty 16 yr old.

    Tell her I have a sight to see at my post today.

    Pssst...nothing I'd love more than a strong DIL who's not afraid to get her hands dirty.

    Just something to ponder.


  22. Whoa! what a huge job! :) I don't envy you all the decisions. Good luck with the rest of it, I look forward to seeing where it goes from here. So far, I'm loving it!

  23. What a great project! Love the floor! Yay! Cant wait to see it all!!!

  24. Dana! This is fabulous! I love that it's a 'family' project, too. What fantastic skills and memories you are making for everyone!

    This is going to be soooo neat when it's done. I like all the natural elements you're using.

    Thanks for an outstanding post! Now...where's my made me want to demolish something!


  25. Dana, I am LOVING this shower! I love the tiles and stones you chose. Can't wait to see the rest of the reno come to fruition! How exciting!


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