Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do You Remember Eight?

Do you remember eight?
I try, but I've become short sited blurry these days.
But that's the great thing about motherhood.
I get to relive those years, through my girls.

Days of bike riding, and summer popsicles.
Running through the sprinkler and scratching at bug bites.

Eight... I have decided, is a magical age.
Childhood is still firmly in place, yet...

There is a maturity that has blossomed, and you see glimpses of the adult within.

Youngest had a friend over recently.
And to my surprise,  I found these pictures on my camera.
Where was I?
I had a dentist appointment.
Glamourous, I know.

So while I was gone, a mini photo shoot occurred.
The photos turned out just lovely.
Eldest was the photographer for the day.

I was so happy to find them.
This age, eight.  
Will be scooting along in a few short months.
And I for one will be sad to see it go.

It has been a good year for us.
Friends, frustrations, fears.
They all came along for the ride.
That is what made it so much fun.

Do you remember eight?

It's all starting to come back to me.
Running through the sprinkler, the popsicles, and

... Pepsi platform shoes 

thankfully for youngest, they did not make a comeback.


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  1. Lovely photos. It is great to be able to 'relive' some memories.

  2. These are beautiful!
    I remember 8 and yes, it was a good year
    have a happy day

  3. I remember eight. I had a wonderful teacher and moved from Washington, D.C to Virginia.

  4. What a delightful surprise to find on your camera and middlest did a fabulous job! They are breathtaking!

    I especially love the one where their two hands are making the heart!

    We are enjoying 8 here as well. . .it is magical and so fleeting!

  5. What a fantastic find!!!! Have a fantastic day!

  6. You have captured eight beautifully. Really love 1, 5, and 6!! I'd love to find surprises like these on my card! Thanks so much for linking up to WW!

  7. These are wonderful photos. And I have great memories of eight...both for myself and for my children!


  8. PS. The two-handed heart is way cool.


  9. I have no recollection of eight! Is that horrible? I do remember lots from before and after. Eldest did a great job!
    Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday! :)

  10. I can't believe Eldest took these shots! She's learned from the best!
    And eight . . . something about a sparkly banana seated purple bike with tassels.

  11. Oh I so love eight. These photos are amazing. xo

  12. Eight, nine, 10...all wonderful days of blissful innocence and fun. I remember nine, especially, and that birthday, the only birthday party I ever had. Fabulous.

    Eldest is gifted in photography also. Not unexpected given the talents of her mother.

  13. beautiful pictures Thanks for sharing

  14. Great photos, Dana! And I do remember eight! I even remember my own eight!!

  15. Dana, thanks for your comment on my post about Robert Redford. We really need more romance in our lives!

  16. These photos are fabulous; timeless. Do I remember 8? Heck yes! And I loved it.

  17. Beautiful photos!
    I have a nine year old, and it is a great time. A little bit of freedom with still the desire to be cuddled in close. Magical.

  18. Gosh. This post made me cry. I remember those years vicariously through my Granddaughters. I'm afraid when they are grown and gone I might forget.

    This was so poignant.

    Thank you.



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