Monday, August 15, 2011

Mona Lisa's Smile

A wonderful thing happened during our holidays.

As usual, I had my camera with me at all times, and ended up taking hundreds of pictures.

And the ones that I am most thrilled with? 
Are of Middlest.

You see, she seldom lets me take pictures of her.

She is often a ham in front of the camera, and doesn't usually like to show off her silver smile.

But on this particular day, she obliged me.

She will be starting junior high this coming September, and...
I can see it.

The little girl she used to be... vanished this past summer. 
It happened so quickly.

When I wasn't looking.

And now I see very clearly that who is standing before me
is a beautiful young woman.

With her very own,

Mona Lisa smile.

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  1. Very pretty girl! They do grow up so fast! Lovely photos

  2. These are fantastic! So sweet! My oldest is starting Middle School this year~they grow way too fast!

  3. Tanya Ray suggested I check out your blog. You take amazing photographs!

  4. I am sad and happy. I like this post and I don't like it. What happened to our little girls??!

    We can't stop it, I know, and I sure love how mine is turning out. By your blog today, I can see that you feel the same way about yours.

    I wonder what time will bring for them? Can't wait to see.

  5. Wow these are just wonderful captures of a beautiful girl!

  6. She is just beautiful!!!
    lovely, lovely pictures
    have a happy day

  7. She really is a lovely young woman.


  8. So, the feather craze hit Canada too?

    What a beautiful girl. You are magic with that camera, my friend.

  9. Awwww, isn't it amazing how over one summer everything changes and they grow up right in front of our eyes?! She is out junior high!

  10. Your daughter is beautiful. They do grow up so quickly.

  11. Oh my gosh!!! She looks SO grown up in these photos!! And absolutely beautiful!

  12. I really thought this was eldest, it breaks my heart a little bit that it's not. But so beautiful!

  13. That's one of the joys of motherhood, to watch our children grow into adulthood. Sometimes the change happens just like that.

    Beautiful images of your beautiful middlest.

  14. she is a beauty. your pictures are great too. Hard to see them grow up into beautiful women! But it is inevitable with this incredible gene pool!


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