Wednesday, August 31, 2011

They Started To Panic...

It was three in the afternoon the day before school was to start.
The Bungalow'56 children were starting to panic.
Their mother had not yet taken them to buy their school supplies.

Their mother likes to live dangerously... on the edge.

Much to the girl's relief the supplies were bought several hours before Staples closed.
Their mother figured it was an exciting way to start the new school year.
In fact,  this may become a Bungalow'56 tradition, as...
funnily enough,
it wasn't very busy.

Then the ritual of preparing the school loot supplies began.

and zipping.
Not everything went smoothly, but everyone eventually 
managed to have the backpacks ready and waiting at the door.

No longer feeling as though she needs to write in the third person....

I love new school supplies, don't you?
The bright colours, the smell of new erasers,  and the clean sheets of lined paper.

The possibilities are endless.
Who knows what wonderful ideas and experiences are awaiting them?
And they just seem.... ready.

Our yearly "first day" school picture turned out wonderfully.
Eldest didn't start for another day, but she wanted to see her sisters off.

Another year of learning awaits.

I wonder what they'll end up teaching me : )

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  1. You do love to live on the edge, don't you!!! I was up until almost midnight b/c I had a preschool meeting, decided to hit a yoga class until 10 & realized I hadn't done the sharpening......oooops! Alls well....Jack is officially a 1st Grader! (sigh...)

  2. As your girls are starting school, my kids are ending their first month back to school. I am still stung by the cost of school supplies (close to $160 for just two kids. two!). And the start of the school year would not be memorable without a little drama due to forgotten lunches or last minute supply shopping. Much more exciting to live on the edge!

  3. This tradition sounds a little stressful. I love your back to school picture.

  4. Ha! You crack me right up. That is quite the tradition. I bought all of two binders for my grade 12er. We have enough of a paper stash that I can probably sell it Ebay and she had everything else. Yipee. I got away cheap for once.

  5. I am so sad that I dont kick myself in the butt and learn how to take good pictures.

    You have such good pictures of your children.

    Why, why, why do I not apply myself?????

    They are beautiful girls..

  6. P.s. you know I"m not normal, either, right?

  7. As in, we came from our shopping last night at 7:05 pm.

    School started 12 hours later...

  8. What lovely girls they are!

    Hope they have a great year.


  9. They are beautiful Dana! Love your little ritual. It brings back a lot of memories!

  10. Oh Dana - that pictures is PERFECT and who are those very very old girls!!!!!

  11. Your girls are gorgeous! Cheers to a great year!


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