Monday, October 17, 2011

Around Our House

Fall is making a quick disappearance.
Snow is forecast for Thursday.... brrr.  
Many trees have already dropped their leaves.
So to make sure it feels like Fall for a little bit longer, 
Youngest coloured some leaves to put on our windows.  
It has been wonderful.  
It brightens my day whenever I look out onto our street.

Our basement flooring is finished.
We love it.
The cupboard doors (in the background) still have to be attached, 
along with many other finishing details.
I can't wait to show you!

The floor turned out far better than we expected.
The girl's have been having a blast using the huge space sans furniture

I have returned to my coffee ways.
Terrible stomach repercussions are probably lurking around the corner,
and that's why I use this cup.
I hope that if I pray whenever I take a sip, 
that God will give me a little coffee drinking grace : )

We picked up this box at church on Sunday.
It is a wonderful way to start preparing for Christmas, 
It helps my girl's to focus on those that have so little 
rather than thinking long and hard about their own wants.
Don't worry... they also enjoy plenty of Sears catalogue circling as well.
It's all about balance at Bungalow'56.

This was left unfinished on our dining room table.
Youngest just learned to doodle swirlies and is practicing all the time.
Middlest loves to stretch her artisitc wings and is always looking for something newly creative to do,
She found the bird silhouettes and drew them freehand, 

and then found this quote as an addition.
I kept walking by it all afternoon and
loved the sentiment.

And that is what you will find ~Around Our House~ at Bungalow'56 today.

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  1. Over the last month, I have started enjoying coffee on a daily basis. I will also pray your stomach is unaffected by this oh-so-enjoyable treat. I love the flooring and can't wait to see other photos as your new space comes together.

  2. I can totally relate! Was a major coffee addict until my gall bladder nightmare (which instigated stomach revolt) and subsequent gb removal in July. Have been scared to drink it for a while, but have recently been easing back in to my comfort mug with poignant prayers for my tummy tum.
    Cheers and good luck!

  3. YAY the coffee is back. We are suppose to have snow here tomorrow and I'm going on a class field trip that is outside. I've been digging out hats and boots and mittens all day.

  4. Thanks for letting me hang out! You are always great to be around.

  5. Ooh, you guys play dominoes? I've never seen those in real life, and now I want to come over to your house and see if they really do fall all in a line!

  6. I like moseying around your house today.

    It looks like a very good place to be.


  7. This finding joy in the everyday is a joy. Thank you for sharing, Dana.


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