Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Pioneer Woman Photo Edit

It's midnight and Eldest is babysitting.
So instead of going to bed I decided to wait up for her.

She is probably being smart, and is fast asleep on their couch.
Grumpy mom tomorrow anyone?

So what does one do in a quiet house when everyone else is asleep?
Funnily enough, I decided to browse around the internets.

I hadn't visited Pioneer Woman for awhile,
so I decided to stop on over for a late night (early morning) visit.
She had posted the picture above, of her daughter and cat, and opened it up for some edits.

So I decided that if I were her, as much as I loved my cat,
which I don't, because I don't have a cat.
I think I would love my daughter more.

Cat lovers correct me if I'm wrong.
But I think I'm on the right track here.

Pioneer Woman Edit

And this is what I came up with.
While cat is still center stage, daughter is looking so serene and beautiful,
with those beautiful green eyes that match kitty's perfectly.

Here is a link to the other edits.
I was too late to include mine, but I think I rocked it.
I can say that on my own blog right?

And if I were being really truthful?
I would admit that I enjoy the editing of pictures
as much as the taking of them.

When I first realized the extent to which pictures were being manipulated
I was appalled.
But once I tried my hand at it, I was hooked.
It allowed me to stretch my creative wings.

While I am no painter;
when I am tinting here, and softening there.
I sure can pretend I'm one.

It is one of the newest joys I have found in my life.
It makes me feel like a for realz artist!

In fact I may have to change my name...
How does Michael Day-Nangelo sound?

If you are wondering where to give this a try yourself?
I used the tools on Picnik.
A free editing sight for everyone, unless, like me you've splurged a bit and for $24 have a pro account.

Try your hand at it and see what photos you might be able to add your own personal touch to.
It's a whole lot of fun!

Especially when you are waiting up for sixteen year olds after midnight : )

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  1. Too bad you got your edit in too late. Because, yes. You totally rocked it. And you would have won.


    PS. Some editing is more artistic than others. And you, my friend, are an artist...especially when it comes to color.

  2. I love the effects you achieved. Beautiful!
    Most my edits are done late at night most moms I guess ;o)

  3. Oh Dana! What a lovely photo...both before and after!

  4. This is a great idea, and the way you are so excited about it shows YOU this is YOUR passion.

    I love what I read here: you really are into it, and get it, and are going to learn so much more.

    I love it when I see what lights someone's fire.

  5. Amazing. Really beautiful.


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