Monday, October 31, 2011

Cirque de Soleil Boa BIrd!

Amazing isn't it?
It's a new type of species.... called,
The Boa Bird!
So here's the thing...

All you need is: 
~black leggings, 
~a long sleeved T, 
~yellow socks, 
~yellow construction paper 
~four boas (we found ours at our favourite Value Village for only $6 each)
~and a bird mask of your choice. (or a beak made from construction paper.)

Simply wrap one boa along the back of the neck, twirl down each arm and pin.
Cut the remaining boa of the same colour in half and continue pinning the boas down each arm.
Take the second colour boa and start in the centre 
by wrapping the boa in the front horizontally across the chest under the arms to the back,
then wrap up to the shoulders and around to the front and cross over (like a playtex) and around again to the back and then pin at the back. 
Another boa of the second colour can then fill in the bottom of the shirt by wrapping it around twice.

You may want to invest in a few tail feathers if sitting down is not a requirement : )
But for this piano playing bird, sitting comfortably was a big plus.

Why?  Because this costume was ready a day early, for a halloween themed piano recital.

We were calling her our Cirque de Soleil bird.
I think it was likely at this point she had, had enough of her picture taking mom.
The blogger variety (I've been told) are the worst kind.

As usually happens with our exuberance with all things costume....
we forgot to take into consideration that youngest would need to see her hands... haha! (oops)
Regardless, she played "birdifully" and didn't make one mistake.

Everyone thought the Bungalow'56 crew were being a little rude as we tried to stifle our laughter as Youngest's whole feathered body fluffed and puffed up and down as she played.

It was the darn cutest thing I've seen in a long time : )

Love my little birdy!


PS... since costumes were being assembled as they were walking out the door this morning "The Nerd" will be featured tomorrow.

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  1. AWESOME!!! Boy I wish I was as crafty as you!

  2. What a clever and creative costume. She looks darling in it!


  3. What an amazing costume! She really looks wonderful!

  4. Oh my, this? Is pure fab! Love!

  5. Love, love, love it!

    And wayyyy better than the purple balloons I stapled to my kids sweatshirt a million years ago!

  6. Holy cow!! Best costume, ever! Completely fabulous is every way!


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