Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Her Inner Nerd

She tried to her best to feel her "inner nerd", 
but it just kept coming out as "Diva" instead.

So summoning all of the 3 and a half years of University acting training 
(I took it seriously folks)  
and the six years of teaching thirteen and fourteen year olds, 
I decided a nerd tutorial was needed.

Her effort was impressive, but I felt she could do better.
So first we warmed up with her sizzling like bacon on the front lawn.

Then we worked on the eyes and stance.
Now I felt, she was moving in the right direction.

And finally after hours a few minutes of fine tuning, 
I think she was able to finally find the nerd I knew she was holding in.

Her sister very patiently waited in the wings.

Somehow the sesame street song, 
one of these things is not like the other 
keeps running through my head.

We finally set out after some slight negotiations, 
strong arming, all out pin them down wrestling, 
to get them into some warm winter clothing.
Voices may have been raised.
It wasn't pretty.

But it was very, verrrry ccccold.
Eldest stayed home for the first time, 
wrapped around the candy bowl, and her Physics textbook,
She ended up handing out candy to the five kids that come to our door.

Did I mention it's cold here?

But "My" kids somehow didn't seem to mind.
I'm not quite sure what motivated them?
But they seemed very happy to go trick or treating.

Very. very. happy.

And in case you were wondering...
We had our Nerd and our Cirque de Soleil Boa Bird.
The Agronomist was a cross between Raggedy Ann and a trucker;
and I was a Happy Witch, channelling my deer caught in the headlights pumpkin self.
Eldest?  She of course was the Paparazzi : )


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  1. Great pictures!!
    Ahhh Ketchup chips, they always remind me of Canada. We don't get them down here. We have family mail us Tim Horton's - maybe I should add the chips to the request list! :)

  2. That Nerds costume is awesome! How long did it take to make?

  3. Love the Nerds costume.. It's one of my favourite sweets.. Whao..what a great candy stash the kids got.

  4. Dying at your mr. pumpkin head/raggedy ann/cirque man. Love you.

  5. You each look wonderful! What a wonderful haul of candy!

  6. Oh my gosh, as a huge Nerds fan I love love love that costume!!!

  7. Your Inner Nerdling totally pulled it off. And I love the continued anonymity of the Agronomist.

  8. Well, you certainly were a colorful family on a verrrrrrry cold Halloween. For the first time in decades, we were not home to hand out candy to the only five or so kids who come to our door also. The 17-year-old was home, not with his hands wrapped around a physics book, but probably another textbook. I hope.

    Eldest played the role of Paparazzi just fine.

  9. adorable costumes!
    it's cold here, too!
    vert cute blog.
    happy wednesday!

  10. Love the Nerds!!!! Fantastic!! We lucked out only needed an extra sweater under their costume again this year!

  11. You are a hardy bunch! And you reaped the rewards!!


  12. Nerds are cool! And your Nerds especially cool!

  13. Love the looks and that you dressed up. I wore some nerd glasses and a goofy hat..just for fun, but you did it right. Way to go on the costumes!


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