Saturday, October 01, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

I don't think I truly appreciated who my mother was...
until I had children of my own.
When I held my babies in my arms, it dawned on me
that a long time ago, my mother held me in the same way, 
and felt as strongly for me and my sisters,
as I did for my girls.
And that small realization blew me away.
I just hadn't understood until I experienced it for myself.

It is also amazed me, how wise my mother became as I got older.
With every year after I left home, she just seemed to get smarter and smarter.
And after having children, well... she had her Ph.D.
And her cooking?
It became better and better : )

I never knew the 18 year old girl who left home to work in Bermuda for three years.
But I wish I had.
I never knew the young mom who had four girls under the age of six.
The mom who always made sure there was a special birthday cake for us,
and a fun party.
I was too little to understand how lucky I was.
I'm not little anymore.

When I look at this picture and see my mom,
you would never guess she was just one week
into recovering from a full knee replacement.
And with the battle with TB to follow, she survived against all odds.
My mom? She's one tough cookie.
I'd like to think I take a little bit after her.

And while her family might seem a little off kilter sometimes.
She loves us anyway.
Loyal to the very ends of the earth.
A mama bear.

I'm glad she prayed for us girls every single day.
Prayed that we would find good husbands.
Prayed that we would be happy and healthy.
Prayed that we would have a faith to carry us during the hard times.

Her prayers paid off.
She did a great job.
Just look at us : )

We hope this next year is a year filled with lots of visits with grandchildren, 
and many laughs with friends.
A year of good health and great shoes.
You deserve it!
Have a wonderful Birthday.

All Our Love,
Your Bungalow Clan!


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  1. There is nothing like a mom. Nothing.

    Happy Birthday Dana's mom!

  2. A beautiful love note to your mom. And oh, what a wonderful heritage you have!

    The legacy of motherhood is so powerful in us.


  3. Awwww...Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom!

    It sounds like you are just like her!

  4. You are a blessed woman, Dana.

    YOur mother is a rock in your life.

    Happy Birthday, Dana's mom!!

    You have a beautiful familyl!! And I love your daughter...

  5. Very happy birthday to your mom. My relationship to my mom changed so much since I have children. I relate so much more and I appreciate what she did for us.

  6. Dana, what a blessing to have this mom of yours. Like you, it took becoming a mother to fully realize all my mother was and did for me. I cherish every year with my mom, as you clearly also do.

    An absolutely memorable, filled-with-love tribute.

  7. oh, dana, i just love this ... how lucky you and your sisters (and of course, your daughters too!) are to have such a wonderful mom ... happy birthday, indeed, dana's mom!!


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