Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Know X-actly What I Want: Fireplace Update

Glass subway fireplace
If you've been following along with the Bungalow'56 basement reno,
you may have noticed, ahem, that I sometimes change my mind.

The next big decision I needed to make was how to finish the fireplace.
I have issues that run deep when it comes to fireplaces.
But I feel as though I have made progress since my last post.
The picture you see above is the one I have been holding dear to my heart.
I could not find any tile that even remotely resembled this, 
so with the help of Middlest and Eldest we tried a few photoshopped options with the tile I did find.

Fireplace #1
This was a no.
Bad 70's Suit Jacket?

fireplace #2
ummm... this was another no.
Fuzzy Peaches?

Fireplace #3
This was a little better.
It had an industrial look I could work with.

Fireplace #4
And while this white basket weave tile was pretty,
it left me wanting more.... easter eggs maybe?

So without any luck, it was back to the drawing board.

And as I sat in front of the unfinished fireplace....
I realized the fireplace I had,  just might be the one I was looking for.

With a bit of trim to cover the seam around the firebox?

And maybe a thin wood mantle?
Oh yeah, I was liking it.

But brick had been suggested by two of my favourite designers.
I felt deep down, that I needed to give brick one last chance.
The style above?  Not me.

Yup, getting warmer.
After a lengthy conversation with my fireplace therapist,
I returned to the drawing board.

This 'to scale' drawing helped clear the smoke. punny one.

I tried to incorporate my original picture with the brick here.
And yet, after all of these ideas were laid out before me....?

I still could not make a decision.
So I decided to, not decide, and just leave the fireplace the way it was.
And of course,  I told Tony.
Because when I make a decision.  I make a decision!

When The Agronomist arrived home, I told him I knew x-actly what I was going to do to the fireplace.

Absolutely nothing.

He looked at me and said... "really."
I showed him all of my drawings and the pictures and explained we already had the perfect fireplace.

Funnily enough The Agronomist said that I was a really good drawer.
And that he was impressed with my fireplace renderings.
And you know what happens to me when he starts with all the sweet talkin?

The brick fireplace is looking just x-actly how I imagined!

And don't tell The Agronomist this, but I'm not worried about therapy,
because I figure you can always, always....
drywall over brick if you ever really needed to : )


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  1. Funnily enough, I liked it without anything too, but brick will look good. Snake was disgusting!

  2. Looking good! Hope you like the brick after all.

  3. I like the brick fireplace. I think it's looks the best and the easiest to compliment out of all the different looks you had for it .

  4. Wow, I was taken by the very first one...and...they just all have their points....but in the end it's you and your family that will be seeing I'm gonna look at my own (brick) fireplace and wonder..hmmm.!

  5. I really like your final choice. I love the texture it gives the room.

  6. between these last 2 posts, it really looks like this whole basement thing is coming together, dana, i love it!! we're starting a smaller scale basement 'redo' (not quite a 'reno') at some point this fall/winter ... definitely watching yours come together with great envy ;-)

  7. It will be nice to see your finished fireplace. It'll be nice to enjoy as the cooler weather sets in.

    Today’s post…
    X is for

    Have a good Thursday!
    Cathy Kennedy,
    Children's Author, “The Tale of Ole Green Eyes”

  8. Wow. I can't believe the mental power involved in these decisions. I especially love your use of photoshop. Smartest use I've seen of it in a while.
    Do you have an ETA on completion?

  9. I'm all about the brick!


  10. Love your final choice - great ‘X’ post!

    Have a great weekend too,



  11. The brick will look great:-)

  12. Well done! It looks like you've managed to 'hire' the best sort of help.

  13. Oh my're awesome! I seriously can't wait to see more!!!

  14. Lynn ScheideggerSeptember 29, 2011

    ok Dana, I totally love that first picture too and talk about suspense as I read through your blog......Then ...I laughed out loud...I love it when you make me laugh out loud. Exactly what the therapist ordered!

  15. The agronomist was right...those are fantastic renderings you made :) But then if you think about it, it almost feels like he manipulated you into going with the brick through flattery :) Just saying...

  16. Hahaha - that's hilarious! And I love the brick, I bet it'll look fabulous!

  17. I'm finally catching up with your blog. You HAVE been busy girl! Love how the basement is looking and am very jealous of your fireplace. I'd love one, but there is simply no room here, so we make do with our old wood burner - which does its job of keeping us warm.

  18. Love it! I saw the coolest stack wood fireplace on a design show and one with these retro round tiles...but your brick is an xcellent choice.

    You'll get a chuckle out of the fact that we have three fireplaces and we live in Phoenix, Arizona.

    You inspire me to do something more with them, but two of them have never actually even had a fire in them! ha!

    Thanks for a wonderful X link!

    I'm loving your design project!


  19. Well, let's try this again as an anonymous poster!

    Love your brick.

    Oddly we have three fireplaces in our Phoenix, Arizona house. We have never even had a fire in two of them - ha!

    You're totally welcome to re-do them if you need more fireplace therapy!

    Thanks for an Xcellent link for the letter X.



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