Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WW: The Older I Get The Less I Know

It seems to me that for people who see the world in black and white,
life must be very easy and orderly.

I have known a few people who have had tendencies toward this uncoloured version.
With my frustration piled high, I discarded them, 
not knowing quite what to do with their world picture.

Their version was so drastically different from mine.
Yet how they spoke with such confidence.  It always unsettled me.
Secretly I would always hope that someone would mix their black and white.
That the grey would not be ignored.

Did they allow for a smudge of understanding here or a smear of context there?
It didn't seem to me they could.
They focused on the contrast rather than the shadows.

As I get older I am trying to understand this world we live in.
It isn't black and white.  
Of this I am certain.

And while I lived in the greys for awhile I am realizing this is not enough.
I want to choose a different lens... one that allows full spectrum colour.

The black and white world will have to soldier on without me.
A life without questions? It's too smug for my taste.

I am thinking a lot lately and I've realized that...
The only wisdom I have gleaned over the years is...
"The older I get, the less I know."

But I am excited about this.
Because the day I stop learning and questioning is the day my world turns black.

And instead, I want to see the colours all around me.
I want to see all of the palettes in the world.

It has been my experience, that grey skies will often bring rain.

So I've decided it's time to focus on the rainbow! 

Because you never know what pot of gold you might just find?


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  1. Focusing on the rainbow sounds like the perfect thing to do.

  2. Very well said!

  3. Good thinking!

    And good writing, too...


  4. Mmmm..

    let me sit down for a quiet moment, and just inhale these perfect words.


  5. Absolutely lovely, Dana.
    Your words will stay with me long after I close this window.


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