Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Craft For "Z" Craft Impaired

Who needs a little pick me up?
I kind of figured you might.
Here's a hint.
It has something to do with Grannies.

Because when you hear Granny,
what word immediately comes to mind?

That's right!

Now I need to be clear here.
I am craft impaired.
But Youngest, Middlest and Eldest all love to try their hand 
at all sorts of gluey, glittery, and painterly things.

I will only agree to go along with the said craft 
as long as it involves only two of these steps.
So you can count on one thing about crafts here at "z" bungalow.
They will be easy.

Along with the doilies you will need to find yourself some paint.
Just good old every day watercolour paint.
Simply paint each doily with several colours (less water means more saturated colour)
and let dry.

So why do we, here at Bungalow'56, feel we need a pick me up?

Well, it's starting to get colder around here, and darker.
Real dark.
Like 7:00 pm dark.
On our way to 4:30 pm dark in no time flat.
You'd think I'd be used to it by now,  having grown up here.  
But it shocks me each and every winter.

In my youthful arrogance, I swore I would never live here.
But it's funny what happens when you meet a guy....
who happens to be an Agronomist.

Somebody should have told me; that there aren't a lot of Agronomy jobs in the Bahamas.

Aw heck, you and I both know it wouldn't have made a darn difference.
Not only did he know his way around a tractor, he also spoke french.
What more can I say?

Hmm... I seem to have drifted a little off tractor...
I mean track.

Where was I?
Oh yes, doilies. 

So we here at Bungalow'56 are trying to keep the summer within.

Aren't you feeling a bit happier already?

Just look at those bright summery doesn't get dark until midnight colours.

I can feel it already.
These rainbow doilies are going to do the trick.

Don't they just smell like flowers?
Can't you hear the bees bu"zz"ing?
I think I've found my rainbow!

Youngest worked hard to paint these.
Didn't she do an amazing job?
I think I might have to hire her to paint the upstairs.

Now we just have to find "z" sewing machine;
and sew these all together into a nice long happy doily garland.

I think Granny would approve!
Don't you?


Thank you to Meg Duerksen for the inspiration!

Wondering about all the "z's"?  
We are celebrating the end of the alphabet with Jenny Matlock's Alphabe Thursday!
Sponsored today by the letter... you got it..."z".
and linking up with Show and Tell at Blue Cricket Design.
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  1. Love the coloured doilies - and I think that we are guilty of taking your sunshine. It's actually still light here after 7pm these days - yippee! (been a long time coming)

  2. They really are pretty! The rainbow colors would look wonderful in a garland.

  3. You bet your sweet bippie Grandma would approve of these beauties!!! What a great project!

    Mind if I swipe it for Kid's Church or the eight grandkiddos!!! Ya know...busy hands and all? Heeehehehe!!!

    God bless ya and have a magnificent day sweetie!!! :o)

  4. Oh yes! I agree! I love the long sunlit days of Summer! 4 o'clock dark is, is...simply awful. And yes, I am much happier now seeing those Summer-flower-bight lovely colored doilies!

  5. I'm with you on the never getting used to the early and cold darkness. Ugh! The doilies are the perfect summer colors to brighten your spirit.

  6. Well, I'M a granny, and I approve wholeheartedly!


    PS. I used to love playing with those lacy paper doilies...and the paper placemats, too.

  7. Great ‘Z’ post - so pretty & useful!

    Have a great weekend too & look forward to *seeing* you again next time,


  8. that's something I could handle with all 3 of my kiddos at once! The craft has to be easy enough for all 3 to do without much help from me as I go between them all ('cause you know they can't take turns so I can just work one on one!!!) Have a happy day!

  9. The doilies are very pretty! This is something I will have to do with my kids--they love to paint.

    Artful Rising

  10. Grandbabies call me Granny, I love doilies, and I loved your post. What a great idea..BTW...your messy work area made great pictures!

  11. Oh those are gorgeous. I am craft-impaired.

  12. Very granny approved! These turned out so pretty!

  13. Oh these are just awesome...never really thought about this before...but this would really be cool for a special birthday I have coming up for someone dear to me!

  14. Please ship some of z rainbow-colored doilies to Minnesota. It is also dark here already around 7 p.m., soon-to-be 4:30 p.m. I am not ready for this early darkness. No, I am not.

  15. Dana, your daughter is certainly an artist with those watercolors! I'll bet you painted as many as she did, though! Come on--'fess up!!!

  16. Hello.
    You can tell winter is fast approaching when you have to put the outside lights on at 6:30pm instead of 9pm, so yes, these are definitely a pick-me-up.
    Don't know how practical it would be, but you could make a doily quilt! (smile)

    Very creative & pretty.
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Evening Zephyr

  17. I love this idea! I have my Grands both Thursday and Friday afternoon and this craft is now on the schedule! Watercolor is so dreamy and delicious.

    Now you can put a rainbow cupcake on one of those doilies, too!

    Thanks for a zesty little link!

    I'll Z you soon!



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