Monday, November 14, 2011

Auntie Dana Needs Her Inhaler

One minute you're writing a blog post 
about taking a blogging break to clean out your garage,
and the next minute you're on a plane to Toronto 
to go hang out with a cute redhead.

Yup... I'm writing this blog post all the way from Toronto, 
where my Cool Sister and her husband live.


She happened to have a baby boy last week.
Her second.
When Grandma got sick and couldn't hang out with them like planned,
I was next in line to help her carve out some snuggle time!

With big brother only eighteen months old,
and dad with a job to go back to,
Aunty Dana was needed to help with the transition.

I figured this would be an easy gig.
We would bond my little nephew and I.

We could play dolls together,
and have tea party's...
maybe even sit quietly and do some simple crafts.

Just as I was about to pull out the sparkle glue,
my Cool Sister asked if I wanted to see 
where Little Nephew liked to go for a daily walk.

I guess Little nephew likes to go outside every day.
In fact my Cool sister mentioned he could stay outside all day if he were allowed.

This was going to be great.
I could take a nice lovely stroll with my little red headed nephew,
and for the first time in my life I wouldn't end up looking like the nanny.
Someone might even think he was mine.

I could just see it now...
Me holding his hand, as we walked slowly and quietly along the park.
We could even collect some leaves for a nice craft at home.

So Dad gave me the tour.

As we were on our way,
I realized very quickly that the term "walk" 
was used very loosely by my sister and her husband.

Once we turned the corner 
Little nephew was off faster than a formula one car on it's last lap.

One of Little nephews favourite past times was...

a game of chase in the park;
around and around and around.

Followed by a run through the leaves in the park.
Around and around and around.

Umm... just a minute here?
Aunty Dana  h.a.s  t.o.  r.u.n?

My I'm now thinking "not" Cool sister failed to  mention "running" on the phone!
What about the craft table?

What did they mean he will run away if I didn't catch him?
What about the tea party?

What did they mean, he's a boy.
No tea party?
No sparkle glue?

My Brother in law was kind enough to continue the run walk without me
while I went to find my inhaler.

Thankfully, I had packed it in case of an emergency.

This, I realized... was going to be a little tougher gig than I had originally thought.


These sweet shots of my nephew and his dad will be shared with 
My3Boybarians for Sweet Shot Tuesday. 
Click here to check out all of the wonderful photos!

This post will also be linking up to Project Alicia's Wordish Wednesday.
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  1. At least some little kid,with absolutely NO sense of relative age, didn't come up to you in the park and say that they wished their Grandma would chase leaves with them like you do with your Grandson!) eep!

    Have an awesome time!!

  2. Awesome pics. Looks like you had a fun time with him. He is a sweetie.

  3. HIGH FIVE, mama.

    Welcome to the awesomeness of BOYS.

  4. I started looking through this series of photos picking my favourites but truly, by the end it was too hard - there's way too many adorable ones. He's gorgeous and your captures of them are equally so. Good luck for the rest of the week, no doubt your sister and brother in law really appreciate your help.

  5. He looks like tons of fun and filled with energy. Enjoy!

  6. Ha! Yes, my boys were born running! I was worried there for a while when you mentioned sparkle glue...

  7. omg, i laughed out loud, dana - this would have been me too, reaching for the inhaler! love this tale of your adorable redheaded nephew ... he sounds just like my new puppy ;-)

  8. I loved this post. I felt I was puffing away trying to keep up with LIttle Nephew. I think he is related to my Little Nephew. Hope you have recovered. :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Great pics! What a cutie! {glad you survived the "walk".} OCD caused me to delete last comment...

  11. Just found your blog today. Great posts - enjoying the read of a fellow Canadian.

  12. lovely pics. You couldn't really go wrong with the subject matter though could you? He's scrumptious. Nephew that is...although Dad's pretty dreamy too.

  13. I know this scenario well. And what is it about little redheaded boys that makes me want to squeeze them? He's darling, and you know we want pics of that baby, right?

  14. Completely funny! I felt the same way when my son was born after two girls who loved glitter and the craft table and tea parties! :) Enjoy every minute and snuggle that newborn for me!

  15. What a cutie and I'm glad your blog break didn't last too long! Enjoy your nephew!

  16. This was really fun to read, Dana.

    And you are a very good sister.


  17. Welcome to the world of boys......Michelle

  18. Such a sweet little bundle of energy! I hope you get your tea party in before your stay is over. =>

  19. Ah, yes, boys are so different from girls. Didn't really believe it until I had my own boy after two girls. But you gotta love those running rascals. Your nephew is absolutely adorable. (Great photos that capture his spirit.) I trust we will soon see photos of his new brother?

  20. This had me cracking up! Oh - you will have a great time. Ice cream and cookies always slows them down. :)

  21. These are absolutely wonderful!!! Enjoy every minute!!

  22. Beautiful Photos and Story! Congratulations on your new nephew!

  23. Ah yes, the reality of boys! lol. I didn't think I would every be able to keep up... it's nice when they can run without running off. That was so great of you to help our your sister!


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