Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A Blogging Break and Quidditch

Snow was in the forecast.
Let me tell you, there is nothing like a little motivation to get the raking done.
It seemed to be going well.
But I should have known better.

The girls seem to suffer from a mild case of ADD.
It's always very hard to keep them on task.

They have good intentions.
Of this I am sure...

But before you know it. . .

All hell breaks loose They lose their focus and decide to move on to their next activity.
I put my foot down though and told them in no uncertain words, 
that a game of Quidditch would not be played until the piles of leaves were gathered and bagged.

It's amazing what a little motivation can do?
Have I mentioned that before?
I often like to incorporate the feeling of deja vu for my readers.
It is a writing convention I feel is not used enough.
I often like to incorporate the feeling of deja vu for my readers.
It is a writing convention I feel is not used enough.

Anyway... once most of the leaves were bagged I told them they could play until supper was ready.

All of the girl's are die hard Harry Potter fans and take the game of Quidditch quite seriously.

I told them no rough housing, and once the snitch was caught they had to come in.

They are just beginners of course, so their altitude is usually only a few feet off the ground.

Youngest as usual manages to keep up with her sisters.
In fact, don't tell anyone, but I think she has the best form of the three.

I think it's because she has her mother's natural athletic ability.
It's true I am very athletic. 

I always... always... beat The Agronomist when we bowl.
It's genetic.
I own the score board.
I can't help it.

Ultimately though, Middlest has probably the best eye hand coordination,
and she often manages to grab the snitch before anyone else.

Needless to say, many leaves are still free ranging it.
In fact, I think its for the best if we let them become a natural mulch over winter.
So after a family meeting we've decided that along with studying levitation,
We will also "go green" as a family.

Over and out At Bungalow'56.

Speaking of ADD...
I've decided to self impose a blogging break until next Tuesday.

Snow is coming, and I am a complete wuss.
I do not like cold vehicles, and I do not want to spend one minute 
of my day scraping frost off my windows.

Sooo.... I need to turn off my computer and get down to some serious garage emptying,
and basement filling.
I promise to take lots of pictures so that I can prove to you that I did, in fact, accomplish my goal.

Have a great week my friends,
See you on the other side!


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  1. These are amazing! I loved getting to see the girl fly! Enjoy your break!

  2. Those are COOL!!!
    Enjoy your break and garage cleaning.:)
    have a happy day dana

  3. cool photos, dana - dying to know, did you simply catch them mid-jump to create the effect? they aren't blurred at all, so it's very curious to me - love 'em! enjoy the break ;-)

  4. Great shots. I need to copy your idea with my little boys. They are more than Potter fans. Micah came home from school yesterday, prouder than anything, because one of his classmates thought the scratch on his forehead made him look like Harry Potter. When self-mutilation is involved, that passes fan stage, right?
    Enjoy your break.

  5. Have fun decluttering! Enjoy the snow :)

  6. Those are amazing pics. How on earth did you get their hair going straight back? I want your secret!

    We're still raking here too. Haven't tried to fly the rakes though. Maybe today.

  7. Love these pics my friend. Snow is in our forecast also.

  8. Coolest pictures ever!!!


    PS. Have fun on your blogging break!

  9. IHa! A game of Quidditch is the perfect ending to raking leaves. Enjoy your break! (Cleaning out the garage may bot be exciting, but you'll feel great once it's done.)

  10. Those are some amazing shots...Love them all!

    Good luck with the garage! ;)


    Direct Baby E quote: "WHOA!!"

    Dana, you need to let me come there. I want to learn how to do this.

    I also want to learn how to put in funny words inside bubbles on photos.

    I think I could have some real fun with that.

  12. Lovely shots!

    Have fun cleaning the garage????

  13. Dana, those photos are simply fabulous!

    Sorry about the snow, though. I can see snow on the Catalinas from my window, and even some down into the foothills, and I seriously hope it stays UP THERE!!

  14. That looks like so much fun! I need to show these pictures to my Harry Potter obsessed daughter!

  15. Those pictures were amazing. They look like they're actually flying. Good luck getting the car in the garage.

  16. mind blowing shots, wow.
    big smiles.


  17. You make leaf raking look fantastic! : )
    Have a great break.
    Sending happy organizing thoughts ; )

  18. Really lovely shots or raking the garden and the girls playing did you manage to capture them in mid air?

  19. Those pictures are AWESOME! And I love that your oldest isn't afraid to still play (and be photographed playing) in the backyard with her sisters. Hurry back!

  20. Go forth and conquer that garage!

    What fabulous pictures!

    What fabulous girls!

  21. Oh for sure, but what's more fun than playing with leaves and of course flying on a broom!

  22. The photos of the girls in flight are so fun...Harry would be proud!

    When you are through with your garage, would you drop by and do our basement??!! :o)

  23. So creative and fun! My boys would be jealous.

  24. What a fun shoot! I love it! And this reminds me I still haven't seen the last Harry Potter movie. I hate that I missed it at the theatre.

  25. Those flying pictures are great!

  26. What fun!
    Enjoy that self-imposed break....and when you've finished all that clearing out, come on up here and have a go at our garage!

  27. What fun photos!! Very clever.

    I missed the posting deadline for Alphabe-Thursday this week...feel free to stop by, tho... :)

  28. New here...Just found your blog from iheartfaces! This post made my day! So fun and happy. Just what I needed. Can't wait to show my daughters. They love Harry Potter! Thanks!


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