Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Diva Birthday

Youngest decided she wanted to visit Hollywood for her ninth birthday!

This did not seem like an outrageous request to Middlest, 
my party planner extraordinaire.
She immediately set to work 
to make her little sister's Hollywood dreams come true.

Just in case you were wondering... she wants to be a wedding planner when she is older.

First an exclusive Red Carpet invitation was sent out.
It asked their people to call our people.

Much to our delight they accepted.
I was a little nervous when they came to the door,
but I have come to the conclusion,
that celebrities are just ordinary people, 
who pull off wearing sunglasses on cloudy days... with pinache!

Youngest was able to show everyone the Red Carptet ropes, 
and a video of their red carpet saunter was videotaped for prosperity.

It wouldn't be a Hollywood party without the paparazzi!
And these Divas knew how to strut their stuff.

You could tell they were professionals and did this all the time.

We had movie stars.

And the music industry was well represented.... with Lady Ra Ra

and Jayz E

There was Royalty there too.
A Princess with turquoise eyes.. oh my.

Charades with a movie theme was far more popular than I was expecting.
I should have known.
Those actor types... they love their stage.

And for the crafty ones? 
After decorating their loot bags, they participated in magazine glamour makeovers.
This was created with Sharpie markers, 
as they drew onto magazine cover girls to make them even more glamorous.
The Agronomist was the judge and found it hard to choose a winner.

And the cupcakes?

They were the star of the afternoon.

Youngest  made a few wishes.... and a few candles were left burning.
There may be an exclusive with PEOPLE as to who or what this might mean.

The cupcakes were eaten.

And the loot bags from the Swag area were filled with...

wonderfully glamourous treats.
Perfect for any Diva in your life.

It was a fun afternoon, and I have to say,
I've decided celebrities as a group are a wonderfully fun bunch.

Only one more birthday party to go.
And I'm thinking, we might just have to bake a cake,
or better yet, a Sundae bar,
because honestly,
I'm not sure if I can look at one. more. cup. or. cake.

In fact, it might just send me over the edge...



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  1. boy do you guys do parties right!! So fun and such fun photos!

  2. So much fun and a wonderful way of making your child's wish come true.

  3. Middlest has definitely found her calling! What a wonderful party!

  4. What a DELIGHTFUL party! These DIVAs rock! And I agree, Middlest has what it takes! When I was a kid, I loved to play "theatre" but it was never, ever this DRAMATIC. Well DONE! (And lovely photos!)

  5. Just when I think you have thrown the best party. You share another party that looks just as wonderful.

  6. What a wonderful party idea! Looks like the girls.... er, um, Divas had an awesome time!

  7. And the paparazzi have got nothing on you! Fabulous pics and a super fun party theme. I bet they all had a blast!

  8. I love this idea. My Lily would totally rock this party idea.
    And . . . I wish they sold those mini Lindor balls here. Cute and absolutely the best cupcake topper I've ever seen!
    Stay sane through all these holiday birthdays, Mom!

  9. Whoa! Great pics you take.

  10. Wow, great party and great pics! My daughter would have loved a party like this unfortunately she ended up with a mother who had no imagination whatsoever in this department.

  11. AWE.SOME. When exactly is the Middlest setting up shop? I could use her services! 7 candles left burning!?! THAT celebrity knows how to party ;)

  12. great idea + fabulous execution = SO MUCH FUN!! happy birthday to your beautiful youngest!!

  13. How fun is that? Happy birthday to her!


  14. Awesome job! Looks so fabulous. Sure beats Tail on the Donkey, you know?

    (Ps Love those cupcakes. Nom.)

  15. Oh my gosh...wishing I had a granddaughter!! What a super birthday celebration - every detail.. Betting all the girls had a fabulous time and will be talking about this for many days to come!

  16. Best.Party.EVER!! She will probably never forget this one! Way to go!

  17. You make me miss the days of planning birthday parties for my girls, who are all grown up now.

    The photos were fab. You could moonlight as the paparazzi in Hollywood. Seriously.

  18. TOO fun! I wouldn't expect anything less from the ladies at the Bungalow! :)

  19. Those cupcakes look to die for, and that might be one of the coolest birthday parties ever. I bet your daughter loved every second of it!

  20. Man.

    Do you do motherhood right.

    THE memories..the memories they will talk about.


  21. Oh my heavens! You have a better-than-Martha on your hands there!

    I'm always so impressed with her delightful attention to detail!

    That is always the mark of a perfect diva party! Or any party, really!

    You must be seriously all 'caked' out!

    Tell your daughter I'm impressed!

    And Happy Birthday to your sweetie, too.

    Thanks for linking up to the letter D.



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