Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red Carpet Cupcakes

I know, I know... more cupcakes. 
Will the craziness ever end?

But the way I see it.  
Blogging, is about chronicling one's life.  
And. well. cupcakes are my life right now.
It's kind of out of control really.
I may need help.

On Sunday afternoon, we hosted Youngest's 9th Birthday party.

And yes cupcakes were served.

It was a Hollywood extravaganza and these cupcakes were the hit of the red carpet crowd.

And while I had hoped to have a wonderful post 
giving you all of the gossip concerning
the glamourous stars that attended, 
my blogging agenda had to be put on hold.

Only five hours after the last celebrity left, Youngest was hit hard with the stomach flu.

Perhaps cupcakes may have played a role, but her rep is not revealing much.

We have been told, it was fast and furious 
and things will thankfully be back to normal tomorrow.

It was a wild shindig, and as you may have guessed, the paparazzi went crazy.

There are many amazing photos to show.

People and Us have been calling but
has been promised the exclusive.

Good night my friends.

After an all nighter, 
it is time for this Entertainment correspondent to hit the hay.


This post will be linking up with Sweet Shot Tuesday
This is likely the most literal I've ever been with my entry : )
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  1. I'll gladly look at cupcakes any time you post them! And they look so yummy!

    Is that a macro lens? love the Bokeh! I've got a 105mm lens I've just got and have started to play with. It's great stuff!

  2. Ok - antacid time and hopefully a normal diet will prevail.....

  3. Oh, they look so delicious!

  4. I'll take one please. :) They look amazing.

  5. Oh those look incredible! Hope she is feeling better.

  6. loving this 'sweet shot' dana - and like "me" above, I'm dying to know what lens you used ... I'm thinking of adding a 100mm macro as a companion to my current 50mm and this is such a gorgeous shot!

    really sorry to hear about the birthday girl's tummy bug - can't imagine she'll be eating anything red again anytime soon, blech!

  7. they look wonderful and they are beautiful!

  8. Hmm talking here to a Cupcake addict so you are just making me SUPER DUPER happy! OH love these.. hmm might have to make some cupcakes I'm saying is there anything more fun that you can shot & eat? :) Ha..

  9. Those cupcakes look divine! Even the star of the show needs a break from the limelight.

  10. Just when I promised to give up sweets! Those are truly drool worthy cupcakes!

  11. Fabulous photo - hope you share your secret as to which lens? And sorry to hear the movie star became ill :(

  12. Ugh. Stomach flu. Hope no one else succumbs.

    The cupcakes look marvelous!


  13. are on your way to Cake Boss!

  14. Oh I LOVE cupcakes and these look devine. Like everyone else, i am loving that shot.
    hope everyone is feeling well in your house
    have a happy day dana

  15. Every morning, I do five focused minutes of gratefulness.

    Your blog came to my mind: I am grateful for the vacation you give to my eyes.

    Thank you.

  16. You really have the best cupcakes at your house.

  17. Yum, yum, yum!!! Stopping by from SST.

  18. You are a cupcake-making goddess, for sure! Sorry to hear about your youngest. Hope she feels better soon!

  19. You are so fun and creative. I LOVE it : )

  20. The cupcakes look AMAZING!! How did you make them- from scratch or a mix? This gives me an idea- take pics of food for my blog. Yum.. Thanks!
    Check out my blog:


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