Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mom... Don't Forget!

It was Youngest's birthday this week.
And as is tradition, cupcakes would be brought for the class.

After checking with the teacher I told her I would bring her cupcakes and lunch at noon.
She said, "OK mom,  buuut don't forget!"

I found these on Pinterest and thought they looked so cute and relatively easy.
So after making the coloured icing I figured the hour and a half left 
would be plenty of time to finish off the 27 cupcakes she would need for her class.

But as I finished off five and realized it had been ten minutes,
I started to panic.
This was going to be under the wire.

I had plans of taking beautifully staged pictures of these for you all.
But instead, I quickly snapped a few as they were being thrown placed into the carrier.

As an aside, I would like to say this cupcake carrier which holds 36 cupcakes 
has been one of the best buys of my life.  
It just makes the life of a mom sooo much easier.
Especially a mom who likes to bake cupcakes.
I suppose.... If you're a mom who is into baking...?  Lets say, Angel Food cake, 
then the whole life changing bit?
Probably not so much : )

Purple, Blue, Green and Pink with one Rainbow one for the birthday girl.
I had four minutes to rush out the door and drive like a maniac to the class.
Luckily for us we live within five minutes of the school.
I was so impressed I had pulled off 27 fish cupcakes.

As I rushed down the hallway to Youngest's class, I saw her waiting for me.
With a big smile I showed her the container of fish cupcakes.
She was thrilled... but then looked a little perplexed.

"umm... Mom?"
"Yes honey?"
"Where is my lunch?"

~I had forgotten her lunch... on her birthday~

She happily handed out the cupcakes to her class.
And as for her lunch?
She probably wasn't too surprised.

She had already told her teacher she was worried I would forget.
Her teacher, of course, assured her that wouldn't happen on her birthday : ?

Luckily for me the class was going skating in the afternoon 
and had a twenty minute walk following lunch.
So, instead the birthday girl came home for lunch 
and we drove to skating where she had a great time.

Despite the growling stomach, she had a good day.
Skating with her class, a piano lesson 
and more cupcake decorating for her family celebration.
She chose pasta with alfredo sauce for her birthday supper 
and will enjoy a birthday party in a few days.

She isn't too keen on getting older 
and doesn't even like us to tell her she looks or seems older.

I'm not sure.

Maybe because she's worried about memory loss?

Youngest, we wish for you a year blessed with family, friends and laughter.
We love you,
and think you don't look a day over eight.

Happy Birthday!
Love and kisses from your forgetful mom 
and the rest of the Bungalow clan : )


This post will linking up with Jenny Matlock's Thanksgiving Thursday.  
And while we are not celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada, 
I felt this post was appropriate as we are so thankful for 
Youngest and being able to celebrate her birthday
with the family we have near, Grandma and Grandpa.
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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! What's wrong with a cupcake for lunch? Great job!

  2. Ha Ha Ha - awesome Dana .... what was that teacher thinking ;)

  3. I have to join in here! hahaha toooo funny and tooo cute! Happy Birthday to your beautiful "youngest"...who "doesn't look a day over 8"! (That quote was great).
    Your cupcakes turned out great! And where did you get the cupcake carrier? A wonderful post to link up full of many reasons for thanks!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  4. If I told you it was my birthday too, could I please have some of that pasta with alfredo sauce?

    (I like that better than turkey anyway...)

    Too bad it's not my birthday and I suck at lying.
    Plus I don't look a day over 42.


    p.s. Wishing a most joyful day to your baby girl. She looks lovely and happy, even with an empty stomach.

  5. I'd eat fish cupcakes for my birthday! So funny that you forgot the lunch. At least you didn't forget the cupcakes:) Happy Happy to her, she's a doll...

  6. cute smiles,

    lovely piece of writing and sharing.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Happy Fish Cupcake Birthday, special girl.

    You have the kind of mom I wish I would've been lucky enough to have.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  8. I am grateful you had time to finish those lovely fish cupcakes! I m sure your daughter had a nice lunch and all was well. It sounds like her birthday was grand! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Anne

  9. Happy Birthday sweet girl. xoxo

  10. ok those cupcakes are just too cute and a very happy bday to your daughter. Hope today is a fantastic thanksgiving for all!

  11. The cupcakes are wonderful! I love that her class got to go skating.

  12. What a nice birthday and the cupcakes look so cute ! My little grandson had his first birthday last week and it had been a big party !

  13. My daughter didn't like getting older either. I think she was so happy being a child, and she's such a responsible person that getting older (to her) felt like taking on more responsibilities.

    She still doesn't like getting older, but now it's for the usual reasons. She's 33!


    PS. Those cupcakes? Adorable!

  14. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! Those cupcakes look simply divine, Dana!1

  15. The cupcakes are adorable, not to mention the Youngest!!

  16. Gorgeous fish cupcakes! Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

    And also? WHERE did you get that compact 36 cupcake carrying case? Because I've got a ridiculously BIG one that only carries 24 and yours is what I was looking for and just could not find!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family, those cupcakes are jsut the cutest!

  18. What a wonderful post and sweet daughter. :) Those cupcakes are adorable. You're a great Mom. And it doesn't look like the celebration could have been any more fun. Your pictures are fantastic too. Even the quick ones. The one with the sparkler candles is my favorite. Happy Birthday to your youngest!

    PS I can relate to the memory loss stuff all too well.

  19. Those cupcakes are seriously adorable! I can't imagine how painstaking it must be to place each candy just perfectly!

  20. The cupcakes turned out GREAT and I love that carrier! Sounds like a FUN birthday!

  21. You are on a cupcake roll, girl!

    These are beyond adorable!

    Do you have a recipe for angelfood cupcakes?

    I have a fabulous one laying around somewhere. Lemon angelfood cupcakes.

    And that just makes me hungry even thinking about it!

    You are such a fun Mom! I love the smile on her face! Lunch or no lunch - ha!


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