Sunday, November 06, 2011

I Was A Slave Driver

If you were to peer into the Bungalow this past weekend.
You would have found the children of the bungalow to be looking a little... downtrodden.

It was a work weekend for the Bungalow clan.
The sun was shining and the weather beautiful.
It was just perfect....
Because the children were able to enjoy looking out at the lovely sunny day, 
as they were forced to toil inside.
You see... I was a Slave Driver this weekend.
Or so I was told.

The Agronomist continued to work on the basement reno downstairs,
despite the constant "help" I kept volunteering.

Why did I use the word despite you might be asking yourself?
If you are a follower of Bungalow'56's facebook page
you may have read this little update this weekend.

After my innocent observation, which you can read about here 
(if you didn't click on the obvious hint above)
I was immediately delegated to the upstairs portion of the house for the remainder of the weekend.
So to make the most of my banishment, I decided (that misery loves company) 
to rally the troops and get some things done.

Middlest is moving into Eldest's bedroom,
I think it is important that you know,
The unveiling of Edest's bedroom on this blog (a few years back) 
became one of the most popular posts of all time.
It is on the side bar, but just to make it easier for you, you can take a look at it HERE.

I, naively thought Middlest would be happy to move right in.
I mean, it was an awesome room.
But I was wrong.

The new paint colour has already been chosen and the paint bought.
All mirrors, desks, shelves and furniture have been removed.
Since Middlest needed to change absolutely e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. about the
"amazing, can't believe she can't see the genius design I created" room;
I figured she was just as capable as anyone to remove all the hardware, and wall mounted items.

Of course Youngest was feeling left out, 
so I decided the bathroom floor could do with a little scrubbing.

Can you believe she had two whole hours between rec league soccer and club soccer practice?
That is waaaay too much time for an almost nine year old to have on ones hands on a Saturday.

So in short, the weekend... was a blast.
There was absolutely no whining or belly aching about chores,
or having to fold copious amounts of laundry.
B.e.c.a.u.s.e that just never happens here at "The Bungalow"...

And The Agronomist?
He installed all the thresholds, 
and managed to fill in the 2 million holes in the soon to be Middlest's bedroom.

And the girls?
I overhead one of them mention something about,

"I. just. can't. wait. to. get. back. to. school on. Monday."

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  1. HA!

    Poor Auggie complained about the exact same thing about his weekend and my slave driving ways, to which I heard my husband mutter, "heaven forbid we set our a** down for one single minute.."

    Oh, OH!!

  2. JDaniel loves to clean. He may need one of those brushes.

  3. Oh lord you know you're doing it right when your kids WANT to go back to school on Monday.

    That's a good weekend, right there.

    Carry on.

  4. I just tweeted out and read the Eldest Bedroom Reveal post last week now that I am conquering my own bedroom move/crap with my 3 girls. Wine please.

  5. I am so impressed with your girls. They are not only beautiful, but unique and interesting. It's fun to "watch" them grow.



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