Friday, December 16, 2011

A Picture A Day In December: Behind The Scenes

Joseph and Mary

When I know how life is careening off course happily sashaying along
behind the scenes of what is shared on this blog.
It makes me wonder what was really going on with Mary and Joseph
just nine days before Jesus' arrival?

The Agronomist and I snuck away for two nights to attend his Christmas party.
I missed last years shindig, because Eldest had just had her tonsils removed.
He had meetings the first day so I was able to spend a full day at
West Edmonton Mall, power walking for miles and miles shopping.

At the last minute I just about didn't go.
We had a crisis of epic proportions.
It involved a lost agenda with important documents within.
At the last hour when I was trying to line up all that had to be done I realized my parents were taking the helm during two of the busiest days of the month.

Soccer games,
The finishing of Duct Tape outfits for a school fashion show.
No groceries in the fridge,
the last day of school which would require gifts for teachers.
A basement that is still undone and a bedroom that needs a few more coats of paint.
It just felt like it would be easier to stay home and look after everything.
I mean, for crying out loud,
Christmas was only nine days away, and I needed to be ready.
Traveling just didn't seem to be the best choice.

I bet Mary felt that way too.
She had to go, at the worst time possible.
But in the end, despite terrible conditions,
everything worked out for the best.
I just needed to look to Mary to know I had nothing to worry about.

Because you know what?
I didn't.

Duct tape outfits were completed, (we'll be just in time to watch the show)
during nightly calls, the girl's raved about the great lunches Grandma made
with groceries not often found at the Bungalow.
Biscotti was baked late into the night by Eldest for all of the teachers,
and just before we were set to leave, the agenda was miraculously found.

Christmas was already here,

I just hadn't realized it.


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  1. Aren't we just crazy, Dana??

    Things are fine without us.

    I'm learning that slowly.

  2. Everything finds a way to resolve on it's own. Sometime you just have to trust that it will somehow ...

  3. glad it all came together for you :)


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