Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Picture A Day In December: Life Elixir

So far while downloading this little garland gem,
I've been listening to Taylor Swift, Chris Allen, and now Maroon 5,
and I'm feeling like this is a good night.

The Agronomist is finishing up the trim in Middlest's bedroom,
Middlest is crafting,
Eldest is off to a sleep over,
and Youngest is enjoying a bubble bath.
Plus we had chili for supper.
See what I mean?

I've been without my camera for a few days,
and I felt weird.
I felt a little lost.
Like I was missing one of my appendages.

My camera is OK,
I've just lost my battery charger.
Another, on order, may or may not be here before Christmas. gah! double gah!

So if I need my battery charged?
I take it to the camera shop and they charge it for me.
I've kept it from The Agronomist.
I don't think he would approve.

Life without a battery charger is.... needless to say,
very inconvenient.

I know there must be a double entendre life lesson here somewhere...
and I think this is what it is.

Sleep is the elixir to life.

I need my battery charged, see?
See the connection?
I'm a deep thinker I know.

You can thank me with a Starbuck's Skinny Creme Brule Half Sweet Latte.
It may even be more of an elixir than sleep.

Regardless, I came home an hour ago carrying my camera,
with a charged battery,
and decided you needed to enjoy the
Garland we hang on our tree.

I'm signing off with Train's Soul Sister... followed by a little Adele.
Did I happen to mention?

I'm feeling like this is a good night.

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  1. You're very resourceful!!!! Love your garland! And the bokeh behind it!

  2. Hey Soul Sister.... and then Adele. Beautiful garland pic, you just seem to have the artistic eye that makes that regular cute garland look extraordinary!
    For the record, I think having the camera shop charge your battery is ingenious! I hear ya tho, my military (should I say militant?) husband would give me the raised eyebrow as well!
    Hope your charger arrives soon. I was w/out mine on Thanksgiving, couldn't recall that I had plugged it in behind a living room chair, so it'd be out of the way but "always ready" with a hot battery. Lotta good the charged battery does if I can't remember where it is! doh! Merry Christmas!

  3. It sounds like a good night to me. Soul Sister always gives me a little extra something in my that song. Love Adele too. Sorry about your battery charger, and I definitely hope your new one comes before Christmas. It does sound like a good weekend though, and that your inner battery got a good charge this weekend. xoxo.

  4. Oh forgot to say the garland picture is gorgeous! love it!

  5. I love how you worked to kinds of chargers into the post! The garland is so pretty.

  6. chili and a charged camera battery? self-sufficient kids involved in their own projects? music playing? say no more - sounds like heaven!

  7. sweet pic! love the bokeh ;)

  8. Definitely deep.


    PS. But is!


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