Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Picture A Day In December: Movie Night

It's official.
The Bungalow has a new TV.
The first TV we have ever bought.
The old 21" was a swap for a golf bag.

The new TV?
A 52" LED HD TV, with surround sound, and boxy box internet capabilities.
To say The Agronomist is thrilled is an understatement.

We had our first official movie night in the basement.
I love Elf.
It was a totally different experience.
It was as though I could touch the actors they were so big and clear.
To be honest, it made me just a wee bit uncomfortable.

But I'm thinking...
maybe with a little HGTV viewing therapy, I'll learn to get used to it : )

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  1. Whoa! It sounds like a wonderful t.v. I love the viewing chairs.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Holy moly! That would take some getting used to....but I bet it wouldn't take long!!!! ;o)

  3. It's high time The Agronomist had an injection of macho/TV/techie juice! He's been through months of renovating and decorating discussions, surrounded by women...look how happy he is! Although, I'm betting he's the one who made that popcorn old school style?

  4. :) we have yet to purchase our first tv either! the hubby has been on the lookout for awhile now :)

  5. We watched Elf, too, though on a lesser TV.
    Popcorn, of course, was included!


  6. new tv and finished basement? you must be in heaven!! yeah for you!! you will be using that basement a lot!! enjoy! hugs, cathy


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