Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Picture A Day In December: On Your Feet

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When the girls saw that the I Heart Faces theme this week was "On Your Feet" 
they decided to try some toe graffiti on Youngest.

Since she is completely engrossed in the final book of Harry Potter, 
she didn't seem to mind.

We had found a few of these kinds of pictures around the blogosphere 
and Eldest wanted to give it a try.
We love how it turned out.

I know for a fact this will not be the last picture of happy toes you will be subjected to. 
I think we may have opened a can of worms here.
New fine markers are on order, 
and the ideas at the Bungalow are growing.
A toe movie!
A comic strip style picture board, 
with the story line played out on the faces of toes everywhere!

As is always the case here at the Bungalow...
Go Big Toe or Go Home! 

Have a "Toerrific" Tuesday!


And no we did not have to wash her feet first.
They were this spotless on their own.
I am a proud proud mama to be able to write that.
Clean feet... it's what really matters in life. Pin It


  1. What cute toe people! They would be great for retelling a Harry Potter story!

  2. What a cute picture idea. I love it.

  3. That is so much fun. And I love her cute little feet!


  4. Neat idea! I am, at 26 years old, actually reading the Harry Potter series for the first time myself.

  5. Aww too cute!!! I love that she didn't even care what they were doing because she was so engrossed in her book!

  6. Very cute, and love the clean feet comment ;) Thanks for the nice compliment on my entry!

  7. So cute! Love the toe people!!!

  8. What a FUN picture...your girls are always so creative!

  9. Oh I love, love, love! Also, we have very clean feet here too.

  10. clever and so fun fun FUN!! ... i love the plans to expand the 'happy toe' empire, too - bring it on!

  11. Just pray that next week it isn't chins.

  12. Hey Dana!
    I loved this. Way to capture that moment and you bet, you should be proud of those feet. My girls' would be another story.


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