Monday, December 05, 2011

Quite A Few Pictures Today In December: A Birthday Partay!

The birthday preparations began in earnest a few hours before the big shindig.
A good friend came early to help Martha Middlest with executing her Birthday plan.

New streamers and balloons were hung.
She wanted grey and yellow balloons with white streamers.
I have to say I was skeptical, but it looked beautiful.
And as for cupcakes?  All were banned from the premises.

Instead...the "CAKE" needed to be decorated.

Fondant circles were applied to the four layers of white cake and brownie.

This one was happy as a clam as she was whisked off to see Puss'n'Boots with dad.
A win win situation for all involved... 

Once the girls arrived we strolled over to our local Library 
and Art Gallery for a treat at the on site coffee shop.

While waiting they took in the exhibit.
A little culture thrown in for good measure never hurt anyone!

They were good sports about letting me take their pictures.

But after this one I new it was time to take my leave.
It may or may not have been explained to me,
that mother's who hang out with twelve years olds are kind of creepy.

So while I hung out drinking my latte near the custodians door, I tried a few "artsy" pictures.
They in turn,
enjoyed some




Definitely the best two things you learn to enjoy when getting older, don't you think?
Until, of course, you have to do your own cooking and laundry : )

I was appropriately, out of ear shot, yet within sight.
Good thing too, as they were definitely on the Security guard's radar.
And we didn't want another incident, now did we?

The cake turned out beautifully.

With great anticipation, we watched... in hopes of documenting Middlest's courtships...

But there were none. 
And apparently... Middlest was OK with this.

We bought some awesome candles.

Aren't those coloured flames beautiful?

And the brownie and white tiered cake?
It got a thumbs up from everyone.

And maybe... just maybe the cupcakes were missed a little.

But I have a feeling that won't be the case for long.

Happy Birthday to my very own Martha,

You, are by far, my most favourite Middle Daughter!


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  1. What fun! Culture and yummy cake are a great combination!

  2. how fun! I just love happy posts like this!

  3. Awesome - we bought those candles one too! Beautiful cake!

  4. Wonderful images! What a good time was had by all.

  5. perfect perfect perfect in every way ... love the cake, the decor, the game plan, the colored candles, the whole 9 yards - your photos really tell the story so well, dana - love this!! happy happy birthday to your middlest!

  6. God bless you! What a whirlwind of birthdays and sugar for a non-sugar Lady!!

  7. What a great birthday party and the pictures document it so well! Lovely!

  8. What a beautiful celebration! I love those colored flame candles! Your cake looks delicious...and oh, oh, oh those fondant polka dots are just adorable!

    Happy birthday to your lovely daughter.

  9. Oh, weepy eyed.

    I love my boys, but there is a whole nuther world, isn't there??

    Beautiful girls.

  10. Happy birthday to Middlest!

    As always, you've captured the moments and the story in your beautiful images.

    Any chance you might share the recipe for that delicious looking cake?


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