Friday, January 13, 2012

"Favourites" Friday: Causing A Little Ruckus

As a parent we are always trying to find ways to limit screen time.
But let's be honest.
It's hard to beat.
Screen time has flashing gizmo's, youtube snazz and loads of interactive programs that
a parent is hardly able to compete with.

Unless of course you are willing to spend some of your own "face" time with them.
I don't know if your kids are similar to mine?
But if I agree to sitting down to play a game, any game with them, 
that Computer, iPod, or iPhone,
are flung aside with glee.

And if it happens to be that both The Agronomist and I agree to some sort of game event, 
we are often in danger of being harmed by the stampede to the table that follows.

So why don't we do this more often?
Because either you are agreeing to a game that is so poke your eyes out with a fork slow or so b.o.r.i.n.g. you'd rather watch your nails grow, 
That... or,
it is a game that takes the family two hours to complete if you actually want to figure out who wins.... 
And that is always a highlight, because figuring out who wins makes everyone except the winner cry.
And really? It's never fun to watch The Agronomist cry.  
It ain't pretty.

So to help with this... we here at Bungalow'56 have a game for you.
It can last five minutes or half an hour 
depending on how many games you want to play.

There are no turns to take, it's simply a matter of making and collecting cards with the same picture as fast as you can, 
and even better,
stealing them from your opponent.  

Youngest and I began with best of three.
But since she was obviously counting cards I then changed it to best out of five and
then best out of ten.
She went to bed late.
And she still beat me every single time.

It's definitely a game of chance.

It's also fast paced and simple and best of all fun!
It's Ruckus!
For ages 7 to 105.
It's just as much fun for two or four.

It's not often a game works for a sixteen, twelve, nine and ahem a thirty-nine year old equally.
If your children are within this age group give it a try.
The only Ruckus it will cause... is the broughaha that insues when they win,
and. you. begin. to. cry.

Fun For All!


PS This Ruckus over the game was caused, simply because we felt like it,
      FunStreetGames has no idea Bungalow'56 exists.

PPS And since this is "Favourites" Friday,
        Just by chance, if you haven't joined up with my Bungalow'56 facebook page yet,
        here is a little something I posted over there this past week:
        Our New Favourite Music Video.
        It is really worth watching.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!
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  1. This is our FAVORITE game EVER! We love it because you don't have to wait for your turn! I posted about this game a long time ago too. It really is the best ever! I saw a newer version on Amazon and thought about buying it since our cards are literally falling apart. Good times!

  2. I'll have to get this game. Always looking for a good one like that!

  3. The game sounds like fun! We stocked up on a few games at Christmas time that we got on clearance. I hope we play them soon, before they collect dust. :) I will have to check out Ruckus.

    That video is amazing. wow.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Thanks! Now I know what to give my grandkids for the next b-day!


  5. That game sounds awesome!!!! And thanks for posting the video's been a few days since Jack & I enjoyed it!

  6. You are getting so media social interactive..

    and shizz.

    You're leaving me in the dust here.

    Cameras, videos, new music, fun FB upates...this is getting bad.
    I cannot allow this to happen.

    Help me into the modern age, Dana!!

    Help me.


  7. When I was a child I played games, later freshly married we played cards with my parents and then games with our son, but now I don't like playing games anymore, it's too slow and boooring, except on holidays there sometimes we still play

  8. We are going to try this game. I admit that I am not a really huge game person, but there are a few that I like ... this sounds like a good one.


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