Monday, January 16, 2012

Leaving Him Nekkid With The Lights On

Here I was minding my own business, trying to get a sweet shot for my Project 365.
Which, by the way I have started again in earnest.
So I will take a moment to veer off topic in a typical moth to flame moment 
renowned here at bungalow'56, and discuss this.

I've completed week one and two of 2012 and it feels good.
It's a daily dose of our family life you can check out by clicking the Project 365 badge, or,
because I don't want you to pull a muscle moving your cursor waaaay over there, 
I'll let you click right here

I'm nice like that.
I took etiquette classes when I was in high school at a local modeling agency.
How to be a good Hostess with the Mostess and all that.
Can you tell?

I also know how to cough holding my hand over my mouth just so, 
and which way to tilt my soup bowl.
Thank Goodness it wasn't a colossal waste of money.

Where was I?
Oh yes, I was happily taking my Project 365 photo for the day when unbeknownst to me...
My camera decided to focus on something other than the bowl of apples and bananas.

He was peeking out from behind my nicely folded laundry.
He didn't say anything mind you. (My Christmas tree is of the male variety.  It has very masculine needles.)
He just looked at me. 

Silently twinkling.
Mocking me and...
Sending me telepathic Christmas tree thoughts.

"Do you realize it is already January 15th?"
"Aren't you even a little bit embarrassed that your neighbours can still see me through the front windows?"
"I'm feeling a little overdressed here."

"Valentine's Day is only a month away."
"As festive as I may look, I'm starting to feel a little silly."
"Would. you. please. take. me. down."

Last year I think he may have stayed up until February.
What can I say?
I love me a beautiful Christmas tree and twinkly lights.
So this weekend, out came the egg cartons and boxes and packing paper.
And somehow I seem to have twice as much to put back as I pulled out.
And no,  I did not buy one new item.

Kind of like when you need to repack after a two week vacation, 
and need to purchase another suitcase.
It's akin to the two socks went into the dryer and only one came out phenomenon,

Since I was considering keeping him all Nekkid with just the lights on.
We had a little discussion over coffee and I think we've found a good compromise.
I realized since it's so dark here Northern Canada, for so long,
what I really disliked saying goodbye to, was the sparkly lights.
In fact, it doesn't have anything to do with the tree him at all.

So I've found a few twinkly light ideas on Pinterest that might tide me over until after Valentine's 
when the daylight will be hanging around for a little longer.

Aren't they awesome?
And anyway...
who needs an indignant Nekkid Christmas Tree giving me attitude day in and day out.

So I'm off to box him up until next year.
Have a great Tuesday my friends.

And remember... don't worry about whether you are keeping up.
The Joneses just don't care.
Leave that tree up until May if it makes you happy.
And enjoy life your own way.
Nekkid... with lights on or not.


PS  For those of you who may have arrived here under false pretenses
       due to the misleading nature of the title,
       and were disappointed by the content of this post.
       I'm sorry.
       It was awfully ballzy of me I know,
       which by the way, will be the title for tomorrow's post about a great meatball sauce.
       Or even better.... Ballzy And Saucy.


       I just can't seem to help myself.

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  1. heehee

    This was fun!

    And I actually like your idea of keeping some twinkly lights around. I am always sorry to see them go.


  2. I love all those ideas--now regretting putting all our lights away in storage for the year. Your tree was beautiful--I can see why you wouldn't want to take it down. Happy Monday! :-)

  3. I love the ideas for continuing with lights! We had a hard time taking our tree down too. Heck! We still have pumpkins on the back porch!

  4. i love this post simply because it made me giggle! happy monday :)

  5. Thanks for the smile on this Sunday morning. I think our tree was starting to talk to me as well, so he had to go back in the attic on Saturday. Thank goodness, because I was getting a little wacky about it all. :)

    I do love your inspiration pictures here, especially the one with the heart shaped doilies. That is cute and so festive.

    Have a good Sunday!

  6. OH Dana, you make me smile! And those are wonderful lighting ideas as we too finally took our tree down simply because I made the mistake of setting it up in front of our front window which made the house feel very, very dark! And I am definitely one to care for dark days unless we are living far, far north (like when we lived in Alaska... which incidentally was when I found your blog!)

    I can hardly wait to hear about your ballzy sauce!! :)

  7. Hehe you are a riot! I laughed throughout most of this post..... I love that you took etiquiette classes and it was not a complete waste of money. One always needs to know which way to tilt her soup bowl. That heart bunting with twinkle lights is awesome.

  8. My tree is down, but when I was cleaning yesterday I found the Christmas basket of cards that I have been meaning to recycle.

    Love the post...the sparkly lights really do add a wee bit o'joy to our lives, don't they?

  9. love that you put your ornaments in egg cartons. so clever!

  10. You are so fun and such a great writer! I love the light inspiration, especially the doily one! And I agree with above, the egg cartons are a great idea. Have to remember that for next year.

  11. I love those valentine lights! What a great idea! We have a faux ficus tree and keep white lights on it year 'round just to give a nice "umph" to a dark living room.

  12. Pretty! I LOVE the banner with the doilies! And we just took our Christmas tree down yesterday as well :)

  13. This is exactly why I am also always reluctant to take down our tree. I love the sparkly lights. I did, however, toss our tree out last week. I like the alternative ideas you presented. I may need to get crafty and try one as the lights have not yet been packed away. Ahem.

  14. I am tired of someone else telling me when to listen to music, put up the tree put down the tree, etc. I am going to ignore that person from now on.
    Do you think my 11 year old will notice?

  15. Funny...and beautiful photos! I am missing the twinkly lights, but not the dead pine needles all over the house :)

  16. Love your honest fun sense of humour. Enjoyed your post.

  17. i've been in love with those very same pins over on pinterest - love the idea of valentines lights, so pretty! great post, dana :)

  18. We took our tree down two weeks ago and I'm still missing the glow of the twinkly lights--I'm definitely going to look into your pinterest ideas!

  19. You were already ballzy. Christmas tree ornament balls! *snort* ;) I did stop by because of the post, I had to see what it was about. Way to drag me in. Now I wanna read about the meatballs and sauce, though. Yum. Sauce. Thanks for the fun recap of your relationship with your tree!

  20. an enjoyable ride on the tide of bloggy reading!

    LOL! just took our tree down (and the lights!) last evening. It is definitely the lights I miss with all this depressing darkness!
    I love the Pinterest ideas you discovered!

  21. I have GOT to stop by here more often! Girlfriend, you make me smile! Thank you! And my muscles thank you for not making me move my cursor over so far where (after clicking) I smiled some more.

  22. Love your voice and the humor in this post. I have a friend who redecorates her tree for Valentines day so maybe your in good company. Great photos!

  23. Just found your blog through the Stucco Bungalow and I. Love. It. Having the best time reading through your older posts (I started with "I Need a Mom" which, I'll just say it, is me too nearly 150% of the time) but had to comment on your Christmas tree. Until you've left him up until March and celebrated three out of four family birthdays 'round the old tannenbaum (need I say it? Like we did last year) you're all good :)

  24. Awesome WW. Feel free to link up at my blog if you like :)

  25. Look at this: 25 of us dirty minded women over here tripping over each other to get here in hopes of a glimpse of the agronomist.

    What kind of company do you keep, Dana?

  26. This is Just Great stuff ,I am a Photographer,Doing my Internship at Indian Institute of Photography,realy appreciate your work.

  27. Love this! Our tree was not cute this year, so I didn't have any problem taking it down, but I do miss the lights. I've been trying to figure out a way to keep our lights up, so I don't have to buy a new lamp...sounds like I have another excuse to spend hours on Pinterest!


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