Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is The Agronomist Right?

The Agronomist and I are having a little discussion.
It concerns the purchase of a new phone for our downstairs.
I say Yay!  He says nay.

As you might have guessed.
The Agronomist and I are not seeing "I" to "I."

We need a phone for the basement.
One that can work within my Vintage, Schoolhouse, Industrial, Modern esthetic.

I am thrilled to have found an internet site that sells refurbished 
They come in so many great colours:
Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Pink, Orange and Black.
I am smitten.
The Agronomist?
Not so much.

The Agronomist feels we will regret the purchase.
Our voice mail is activated through the touch tone on our phone,
and with the retro dial phone this won't be possible.
He also figures the slow dialing process will soon lose it's appeal.

The compromise, would be to purchase the same style phone.
But a reproduction that incorporates push button dialing.
A modern phone with a 1950's vibe.
So why am I waffling?

No more cool colours.
Only white.

I don't mind the white...
As long as it is the same colour as the picture and not some yellowed version of it.
The owner of the site is taking a look for me and will let me know.
But... I'm not sure.

This will be its new home.
Isn't it cozy?

What do you think?

Is The Agronomist right?  
Will the rotary dial start to drive him us crazy?

Inquiring minds (as in me) would like to know.


The letter "I"
Jenny Matlock
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  1. I'm all about the rotary phone, especially if it's not your main line. I say, go for it!!

  2. I say go for it, too! LOVE the yellow!

  3. I've always loved the idea of a rotary phone, I grew up with one after all...but I dunno the Argonomist might be on to something.

  4. I would go for it! You can always use the basement phone to answer and not call out although people are soooo spoiled today! I would not mind dialing! Very cool! Great post!

  5. LOVE that yellow and orange phone! I think you should go for it! Like you said you have a phone upstairs w/ voicemail...and you I'm sure you have cell phones! Just don't get the white phone! (You're too cool for that boring thing!)

  6. You know, there is a new spray paint out these days that would probably work on the white phone. I'm all for the buttons--sorry!!

  7. Krylon does make a paint made especially for plastic if you have to compromise. but I LOVE rotary phones!!

  8. I like the rotary phones, but the voice mail thing would probably be an issue for me. I'd probably get the faux one and paint it.


  9. Oh tough call... I like the funky retro look of the old dial phones...but I understand the push button part...but I don't like mixing the two. I say forget about the voicemail...use your cell phone to pick up messages!

  10. I loved hearing the dialing noise on the old phones.

  11. love love LOVE the authentic rotary phones, especially their retro colors, I mean please?! I do see hubby's point, though the slow dialing bothers me a lot less than the loss of touch tone ... so my question is ... how often would you be using THAT phone to access voice mail or customer service lines? b/c if it's not your "main" phone, and you're really just using it as an extra line to pick up when the house phone rings, then you HAVE TO go for the real deal in a great color!!

    conclusion: you should be fired up for that retro bad boy in the basement - that little phone cabinet is a place of honor, dana! besides, you can use your cell phone when you need touch tone stuff ;-)

  12. This makes me laugh, and brings back a memory of my grandma. She had that rotary phone in tan, until just a couple of years ago when she moved, and she kept a whistle tied to it. If someone prank called her, she would blow the whistle in their ear. That still makes us laugh. Watch out for grandma! :)

    I think the rotary phones are cool.

  13. OMG!!! I'm gonna check out that site ~ LOVE them all! thx :)

  14. Do it! It's perfect!

    And then have a second jack put in somewhere not quite so noticeable for a regular, cordless touchtone phone.

    That way when you're laying on the couch having a foot massage while sipping tea and you get a phone call you can still beg someone to carry it over to you!

    Love your ideas!

  15. I love the colorful phones! The issue of not accessing your voice mail is a valid one, but I'm sure you won't be doing that much (if at all) in the basement. It does take longer to dial with a rotary phone, but considering that you love vintage, you don't strike me as someone who would mind! Go vintage!

  16. My Bigmama had a rotary phone exactly like that (only a peachy color) and I can still hear the sound of the dial spinning when she made a call.
    I say go for it - who uses a home phone anymore anyway? We don't even have one plugged in here, although we still have an active line.


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