Monday, January 09, 2012

My Favourite Perfume

I haven't been much of a perfume wearer.
Except for that one year in 1982 when I couldn't stop spritzing 
some sort of pink bottled baby something or other all over my room.
I think I walked through it one too many times 
and that explains most of the memory loss I experience today.

Since then I've pretty much been au naturel...
with a little help of course, from some anti-perspirant which I don't feel I need to keep a "Secret".

That is...until I came across this little beauty, fresh Hesperides, thanks to my Cool Sister in Toronto.

This is not a floral scent.
I hate florals.
I seldom use the word hate.
It's just so strong.
But this is one time I can tell you I do hate them.
I'm usually a musky oil kind of gal.
I'm not talking your lumberjack special,
but rather a sexy, spicy, soft overtone.

That's why this little bottle has surprised me more than I can say.
It is the scent of grapefruit.
And I can't get enough of it.

It's true,
It just makes me feel so darn fresh,
and bright eyed,
and bushy tailed.

When I found it at Sephora, the perfume was all sold out.
The only thing I could purchase was the gift pack.
Isn't it pretty?
So pretty I can't bear to unwrap it.
I may have to be buried with it.
The picture does look a little coffin like doesn't it?

There that's better.

It just says it all.

I have to admit when I wear this,
I feel younger.
As though I've been freshly squeezed.
A little citrus pick me up is a great way to start your morning.
That is... unless you really hate grapefruit, which I would understand. 
See above information concerning florals.

I wish this screen could be a scratch and sniff.
because if it were?
You would be a believer... and perhaps, have a strong urge to move to Florida.

Unfortunately I can't send you all a beautiful bottle of this sweet scent, 
so the best I can do is tell you to:
Go and rub a big old grapefruit behind your ears and knees, and along your wrists, 
and if you want to go crazy?  Under your arms too (our little Secret I promise).
And just see how it makes you feel.

Have I ever steered you wrong?

Have I?


PS This post is strictly between you and me.
      fresh and their grapefruit lovely ways,
      have no idea that the womenfolk over at Bungalow'56 are citrus-ly inclined : )

PSS Thought I would try my hand at some product style photography for Sweet Shot Tuesday.  I was happy with the photos seeing as how they were taken at night, under terrible fluorescent lighting.
Sweet Shot Day
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  1. It sounds wonderful. I am not big on floral scents myself!

  2. Ok, next time i'm in the mall...i will slip into sephora for some freshness for sure!
    have a happy day dana

  3. Wait, are we not suppose to still be using Loves Baby Soft? I didn't get that memo.

  4. You make me want to run to sephora today and get me some fresh!

  5. Ok. I'm sold. You are such a great saleswoman.;) Found you from lifemadelovely. Seriously, you are so fun to read... love it.

  6. Hmmm.... I do have a grapefruit tree....


  7. OH I am going to have to try this out as I've not had any perfume I've liked since the early 90's when I had to quit wearing perfume. That is when I discovered I am allergic to the majority of perfumes. But I love citrus especially grapefruit. I'll let you know how it goes!!

  8. I am going to smell this next time I see it. The description sounds heavenly! I have not had a real perfume in years, and my sweet husband bought me 3 this past Christmas. One was a flop, and I love the other 2. :)

  9. My sister gave me a wonderful grapefruit scent a couple of years ago. I wonder if it was this one? I'm going to check!


  10. I may have to check this one out--I hate florals myself. Even secretly threw away Lily's bottle of lotion she got for Christmas from a friend because I couldn't stand the scent. This one may be a winner. Thanks for sharing (I'll keep the Secret as well).

  11. we are fortunate enough to have an entire 'fresh' store in boston ... when it first opened, it didn't take long for me to fall head over heels for their sugar lemon lotion - soon after, it was the brown sugar scrub followed by the sugar lips collection ... mmmmm ....

  12. 1. I have loved many "Fresh" scents.
    2. My favorite scent (or "note", if I want to really look like I know what I'm talking about) of ALL time is...GRAPEFRUIT!
    3. I've never smelled THEIR grapefruit. This must be remedied.
    4. I also love the smell of ginger.
    5. Have you ever smelled Origins Ginger Essence?
    6. YUM.
    7. When I cook with ginger I always rub some on my wrists in that dip of my neck.


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