Friday, January 06, 2012

Bee-You-Tee Night/Stream Of Conciousness Post

Chocolate face mask... yummy.
I'm tired of taking indoor pictures.
I really want to paint my living room white.
I have no idea how to finish decorating my basement.
Well that's not really true I have lots of ideas, too many ideas.
So I'm experiencing a bit of analysis paralysis.
I need to start moving on it, if I don't... rigamortis will set in I'm sure.

The Ombre Experiment.
Today I am taking my computer in to be fixed, but I'm not sure how we will survive without it.
It doesn't allow me to even insert a CD anymore.
I can't print pictures or even save them on a memory stick.
Maybe I've left it too long and it's beyond repairable?
Procrastination is my lifelong nemesis.

Peppermint Patty!  ...She didn't like the joke either.
What else?
I'm getting new passport photos taken so that I will be able to find my old ones : )
Pretty good strategy huh?

As for these pictures?
On New Year's Eve,
The Agronomist took his Dad to the US/Canada Hockey game
for their birthdays.
Us girls? We had a Beee-You-Teee night.
We rocked it out until 1:30 am.
Doing our nails?!
The Agronomist missed an amazing night.

Perfect seats... Perfect timing.  Oh yeah baby!
And before that?
We took in the fireworks.
It was the best night ever.

Because I hate having to sit in a cold vehicle waiting.
I hate waiting for anything really.
That's where arriving early really irks me.
It's so inefficient.
Being late isn't good either.
But just being exactly on time?
That is perfection.

Exhibit A: 
I drove up two minutes before the fireworks started.
Found the perfect spot for the girls to watch,
and managed to back out as the last ones exploded;
missing the long wait to get out of the parking lot,
and the long lines of traffic coming from the other direction.

It was then,
that I knew for certain 2012 was going to be a darn good year.

And for an hour a day I wish I was this lady and could sing like her.
Love this song.
We look a little alike don't we?
Maybe just a little?
If you squint.

Have a great weekend friends.
It's going to be a good one here at the Bungalow.
Because I have just decied we are going to pay a visit
to my favourite fashion forward haunt:
Value Village
and just maybe....The Restore!

But only after I send my passport package in of course.


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  1. The Way I Am is still a favorite of mine!

    Happy new year to you, the girls, AND the Agronomist.


  2. I love Ingrid Michaelson! Love your pictures. The fireworks shot is amazing. I am like you, I get tired of taking indoor pictures....but yours are always so good. Mine are crappy because we have solar screens on all the windows, and hardly any natural light. I will freeze outside just to get a picture. :)

  3. Oh I want to join you next year.

    I'm also tired of indoor pictures. So I put my camera away until March. Or April. But yours are amazing.

    Have fun thrifting. Hoping my girls will start having an appreciation for thrifting soon.

  4. So...I'm curious how the ombre experiment comes out. I recently had this done to my hair and I LOVE it! Now I'm wondering if I could have done it at home.
    As for Ingrid Michaelson...we love her in our house. We've seen her three times and each time is just as awesome as the last. If you ever have the chance to attend one of her shows, do it. Even if it's an hour away. Or two. You won't be disappointed. She's funny, lighthearted, talks a lot and sings her guts out, too.

  5. My girl would shoot me if I posted pics of her in a facemask online.
    Just saying ;-)

    Love your well timed fireworks event - my type of driving - last in, first out - go you!!

  6. I love stream of consciousness stuff!

    Thanks for the smile! Your family is way too adorable!


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