Monday, February 06, 2012

Remember To Ask For A Few Refills

Blogging is an interesting past time.
Some days I have so many stories and pictures to post,
I feel as though I am only capturing a sliver of what is happening at the Bungalow.

Other times I feel as though the well is dry.
The blog is weighing heavily on my mind these days.
It's as though I have nothing to share that is even remotely interesting.

I realize also that my camera has been staying in its case.
I'm not sure.
Even Middlest asked me why I'm not taking pictures anymore.

It could be that life here, over the past few weeks has been busy.
The kind of busy that when your head hits the pillow
you are not even sure what you did that made you feel so tired;
because it's all just a blur.

The Agronomist has been a road warrior.
While I have stayed home to attend to the activities of the older two,
he has been driving with Youngest to soccer tournaments.
Both have been seven hours away.
It's just what the reality is, when you live in a very northern town.

And in between these weekend jaunts he has been traveling for work.
Two weekends over the past month, he has arrived home Thursday night
just in time to pack and leave for the weekend.

But this past weekend we made a hard decision
Despite everyone having several commitments we decided
everyone was going to go to Youngest's soccer tournament,

Eldest missed an important planning meeting
and Middlest missed a basketball tournament.
But it was necessary.
We all needed to feel like a family again.

I am so glad we did.
Everyone felt it.
It was good for us.

And no I did not take out my camera,
except for a few action shots on the soccer field.
I just wanted to be present.
It was what I needed.

This getting busier as the kids get older is so true.
And I know it isn't just us.
We don't seem to have the opportunity to see our friends anymore,
as we realize they are living the same reality.

And even though The Agronomist had to get up this morning
to fly away for another three days,
We know it will go by fast.

Our family cup is full.

The secret I realize,  is to just make sure we remember to ask for a few refills.


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  1. We had to do that a couple of weeks ago.....I was supposed to go to a baby shower, and made the decision that we all needed to do something FUN as a family. And I've barely taken out my camera's tough!

  2. Dana, this post was so touching. It made me cry a little. I am so glad you did the family thing this weekend, and I say good for you for enjoying the moment, and leaving the camera in it's case. It's great to document life in pictures and on your blog, but sometimes I also feel like I miss out...I'm always thinking of the next blog post, which pictures to download, edit, keep, etc. Loved this post. xo.

  3. yes, to refills -- and living the same reality. great post.

  4. many of us living in the same place these days! Glad you all had time together!

  5. It's so hard sometimes to not let LIFE get in the way of FAMILY. The MEAT of the family...talking about life and feelings and what's actually going on. Sigh.

  6. oh, dana, i'm sooo in this same phase of life right now - and it is t.o.u.g.h!! isn't it so frustrating that it's come to having to 'schedule' family downtime these days?! with that kind of time so few and far between, i'm so glad you had a great weekend together :)

  7. I feel this way many days too, like I just want to lay on the couch and cuddle and eat pie with my Dudes. And I do that and things seem to jump start themselves. Oh, and winter. I am so unmotivated to haul out the camera in the winter. Taking time to just focus inward to your family is important though and everything else is sorta on the outside of that, right?! Hope you feel rejuvenated soon!

  8. My camera doesn't come out nearly as often in the winter either, so you are not alone in the lack of photo motivation or blogging material.

    I'm glad you made that time for your family to be together. It's so important to do that, to choose family, especially over sports. Yes, it is.

  9. I love your photos in this post -- so stark, so evocative.

    Pouring a refill in your family cup . . . well, why didn't I think of that?! All too often, I am content to let us all go our separate ways, except for Sunday Supper. You have given me a valuable reminder that all of it can wait, at any time we need it to.

    PS: You have great hands!

  10. So glad the whole family was able to get away this weekend. I always thought as the kids get older....things start to slow down...but it's been the opposite. We don't get to see our friends much anymore...everyone seems so busy. I haven't been taking many pictures lately either...and haven't had anything interesting to blog about! I guess it comes and goes....

  11. Dana, remember it is winter and sometimes our motivation lacks a bit, so you may not feel like blogging. I have had similar feelings lately..just trying to keep up with busy kids and it doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging. i am glad to hear that you were able to mix in some family important isn't it?? hugs, cathy

  12. This post is just what I needed to hear. Thank you. We are always so busy doing things that don't matter. I don't fill our family cup enough. This has to change.

  13. I am in the same boat - blog topics have run dry and life is busy. My eldest is applying to universities and major scholarships and every evening we are busy on my computer writing... and still keeping up with school work, sports and I am working a bit more too. We decided to finally take the plunge a book a vacation, something we have not done in along time. So looking forward to the time together!

    And just on friday we all decided to sit and watch a movie together - fabulous!

  14. Yes, us, too.

    Two teens in swimming, me working at the catering biz, me hanging on to each day b/c I know my first baby will be gone in two years.

    All this,,,and I haven't been around much.

    Still, I won't give up blogging b/c it has made my life wonderful.

    It's a good life, the internet friends I"ve made and the beauty I've come to find...lilke you and your girls, Dana.

    I 'll never close the door on all that has brought to make my life such a good life.

    One I'm happy, no longer lonely, have found my voice and people in.

    I'm a better wife, mother, person for it.


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